“Wanderlust is the Springboard for Changes with the Moon in the Tenth House”

It has always been a proven truth and fact to me that bits of knowledge on a subject can be more of a curse then a blessing, when trying to put into practice what little one has learnt.  It is important to have the basics down before working with it.  Partial knowledge can be just as dangerous as being ignorant.  Getting a complete analysis and understanding of the situation is more important then jumping in without being prepared or at least have an open mind to assess the situation before making any final decisions.  This was a lesson I was to learn many years ago when I was trying to establish myself in the career I thought would be my life’s work.  At the same time I was struggling and sacrificing to establish myself, I began taking astrology lessons to relax and take my mind off the difficulties of a very competitive vocation I had chosen.  In class one day I was told that my Gemini Moon in the tenth house meant changes in my career, and the possibilities of several different callings I might follow and work with.

I felt as if a big rock fell on top of me, and as if I was a balloon, and the air that kept me afloat had all gone, and I was a deflated has been.  Being told that information with all the hard work that I had done at this point in my career was not what I wanted to hear.  In class I showed a stiff upper lip, trying to pretend I was delighted with the interpretation that I didn’t truly understand at the time.  With the situation at work getting very hectic, I forgot all about my disappointments and fears about the moon, until I began to see the energies of the moon working in my life.  I went from one company to another, hopping to find one that I would call my home.  As I continued my studies I began to wonder if the changes indicated by my moon meant I was to go from one company to another in search of the right one.  And not that I was changing the profession I had chosen.  Although each company I worked for I was happy with, there always seem to come a point I felt that I needed to leave for whatever reason.  Was this my Gemini or the Moon in action, I asked myself? 

At one point I was offered a position in a career I was not trained for or even thought about, but having my Sun in Taurus I wanted to stay on course.  As I look back on my life I feel sorry about not taking that side trip, if only for the experience and what I might have learnt from it all.  Now that I understand my chart better, I realized I had missed an opportunity that was offered to me at the time.  My biggest regret is not understanding the delineation of my Moon in the tenth and working with it, to get the most out of it.  I have no unhappiness of how my life has turned out, because of my fears that I could have looked forward to what was about to happen, then to have the apprehension I had.  The word change was my stumbling block, and it could have been my springboard to a new world of growth.  What I have learnt through the years is that I have associated change as difficult and not seeing the transformation as growth and a possible blessing in disguise. 

That change can be positive, and can contribute to our growth and our expansion into new areas we have not thought about before.  With a Gemini Moon I am always capable of having an interest in many things, and have no fear in discovering what may lie ahead.  The truth of the matter is that I actually have a wanderlust that makes me look for excitement in everything I am willing to investigate, and I usually am well rewarded.  Although I have learned through the years that change of some sort is always associated with the Moon in whatever house it is in.  With me, change of any kind, even a transformation in the tenth house has become a springboard and a stepping stone to a better future, and to discoveries of myself I would have never expected.  It doesn’t matter what career I have, as long as I continue to enjoy doing what I do, which is essential and important in my life.  I can attest to the fact that change can be beneficial and not just a hassle and an annoyance.


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  1. Posted by Pisces rising on October 28, 2012 at 6:21 pm

    So you mention having a Gemini moon but what bounds is it in and the Trigon ruler? I am always trying to learn more of Hellenistic Astrology.


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