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“To Thine Own Self Be True Echoes the New Moon at 13 Aries 29 on April 3rd 2011”

The aspect of change as indicated by the stars and planets is in the air, the manifestations has taken forms that has surprised some and confirmed the predictions for others, which indicates that more surprises are yet to come.  As change in some areas of the world has taken on the form of revolution and unrest, the New Moon at 13 Aries 29 at 7:33 a.m. PDT on April 3rd 2011 echoes to each of us individually the words of Shakespeare “to thine own self be true”.  With six planets in the sign of Aries and the New Moon conjunct Jupiter in opposition to Saturn, the importance of understanding, arranging and organizing our thoughts will give us the basis to make sensitive and sensible decisions for our future.  The important ingredient is being honest and truthful to ourselves to whom we really are and want to be, and to what we really want in life, and to how we are going to achieve the final results in this world.  The time to implement the change is now.  With Mercury Retrograde the need to be cautious and meticulous in what we listen to, to what we read, the directions our thoughts take, and the conclusions we finally end up with, is of the utmost important at this time.   Besides going within our sacred portal to find our true self, we need to be alert and have the wisdom to use all our assets and talents to achieve and reach our real desires and wishes.

“The Sabian symbol for the 14th degree of Aries is taken from “The Sabian Symbols in Astrology by Marc Edmund Jones”, and what follows are my comments.

Aries 14  A serpent coiling near a man and a woman  This is a symbol of the threefold nature of man, in its aspect of a high competency on the subjective side.  There are here the emotional and rational elements of selfhood as they achieve their unity through creative ordering of a universal wisdom.  Implicit in the phallic significance is a fullness of being following on the everyday satisfaction of ordinary human appetites, but only as these are made manifestation of a higher appreciation and a greater self-dedication.  The keyword is revelation.  When positive, the degree is exceptional self-discipline in the continual acquisition of a very real understanding, and when negative, a surrender to lower or transient impulses in every area of personal experience.

To begin to understand who we are, and to work with the best of what we are, we need to comprehend the threefold aspect of how we see ourselves.  To begin with, we consider our selves to be the mirror image of the Divine Creator working with a material body with our ordinary human appetites and desires in which we deal with on a daily basis.  At the same time our higher Self is reaching and exploring areas we need to fulfill and accomplish to carry out the reason for our existence in this lifetime.  The revelation and the truth of the matter is that these separate parts of our nature are one, but we need to recognize and work with that truth.  Once we realize and recognize that the separate aspects of our self are all working for the good of the individual, and then we won’t see them in opposition.  Once we find our true self and understand who that person is and wants to be, the paths begins to merge into that one road which leads to the accomplishment of our dreams and desires.  As we find our true self, we will achieve the message of this New Moon “to thine own self be true”.

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