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“Why More on Morin?”


I have always wondered whether we choose our destiny or does destiny choose us.   As a student of astrology for many years I can attest to my stupidity in choosing some of the paths I have taken during my life’s journey.  I am not sure, had I known some of the predictions during my early years, it would not have made any difference. But now I am certain that I may not be able to avoid all the pitfalls, but will avoid more then before.  Like Morin, astrology proves to me there is a divine force directing this world.  I love the way he thinks, because he has developed a system that works, and allows one to build upon it.  There are no key systems to the interpretation of the chart, as much as a synthesis of the chart in a very logical manner.

I find reading his books difficult because of the differences of the language, translation into English and the time period, but if one will persevere the fruit of the labor is worth it.  The importance of always relating the directions back to the natal is a point sometimes forgotten in this modern astrology.  The way he uses the lord of the cusp and the opposite houses gives meaning that makes sense.  His book “Astrologia Gallica Book Twenty-Three Revolutions” deals with solar returns and is indispensable in any book collection.  Since studying him I only have praise for him, as I am beginning to have for the many other early traditional and classical astrological writers and practitioners.

The strange thing about Morin is I have come full cycle as my first astrology consultation was from a devotee of his system.  I didn’t know at the time, but I wish now that I was more receptive to the message.  The following paragraphs are my edited version of Morin from Wikipedia.  You will be able to read the whole article on their website.

“Most famous for his work as an astrologer, towards the end of his life Jean-Baptiste, Morin completed Astrologia Gallica which consisted of twenty six books covering natal, judicial mundane, electional and meteorological astrology.  Morin is known as having been particularly concerned with prediction through methodical extrapolation of what is promised in the natal chart.  His techniques were directions, solar and lunar return, and he regarded transits a subsidiary technique though one key to accurate timing of events nonetheless.

Morin challenged much of the classical astrological theory of the day, including the astrology of Ptolemy, in an attempt to present a solid set of tools while rendering reasons for and against particular techniques, some of which may be considered crucial to many astrologers before and during Morin’s lifetime.  At the same time, Morin vested himself heavily in promoting in mundo directions, a technique largely based on the work of Regiomontanus that became available thanks to then-recent advancement in mathematics.  In his work, Morin provides examples of successful delineation of events that otherwise could not be delineated with the same relative degree of certainty.

Morin’s life has been that of trial and tribulation by his own testament.  He died in Paris of natural causes at seventy three years of age.”

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