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“Empathy Versus Sympathy Spotlights the 18 Leo 32 Snowy Full Moon on Feb 7th 2012”

I have always thought the full moon is infinitely more interesting than the new moon with its never-ending number of possibilities one can participate in, because of the dynamics of the opposition of the lights fighting for one’s attention.  It is like seeing the glass half full or half empty when one is reevaluating and rethinking about the accomplishments we have accumulated from our decisions we have made during our sojourn in this life.  It depends on the situation and the condition of how we see and interpret the circumstances, which determines how we view the contents of the glass.  This Snowy Full Moon at 18 Leo 32 at 1:56 p.m. PST on February addresses this by spotlighting the attributes of empathy versus that of sympathy.  The aspects are subtly pushing and pulling us, in their effort to convince the subconscious its need to take the lead for those who mean something to us.  The moon phase is emphasizing that during this pivotal period all our actions and reactions need to be done with feeling and being, if we are to see our wishes and dreams become reality.  It is directing us to go beyond our intellectual state of sympathy to understanding the underlying circumstances into the emotional state of empathy.

“The Sabian symbol for the Moon in 19 degrees of Leo and for the Sun in 19 degrees of Aquarius is taken from “The Sabian Symbols in Astrology by Marc Edmund Jones”, and what follows are my comments.

Leo 19  A houseboat party  this is a symbol of creative relaxation as a prelude to effective effort, and of man’s normal capacity for achievement through an everyday rehearsal of co-operative relationships with his fellows.  There is here a sealing off of some pleasant pocket of life for an intensified culture of the skills and inspiration which can implement a contribution to the world at large.  Any dull routine of existence may be exalted as a common adventure in self-expenditure.  The keyword is congeniality.  When positive, the degree is a gracious eagerness of participation in the more worthwhile or enduring aspects of human affairs, and when negative, thoughtless self-indulgence and contempt for the general welfare.

Aquarius 19  A forest fire quenched  This is a symbol of regenerative relaxation after extraordinary effort, and of man’s exceptional capacity for achievement through the whole-giving of himself in am emergency.  Here is the dynamic co-operation by which the individual gains a high peak of self-expenditure, and in the moment’s intensification rehearse potentialities he would never discover otherwise.  What can be misfortune to be suffered can as easily become a successful adventure in broad social responsibility.  The keyword is concern.  When positive, the degree is special skill in bringing personal interests to some larger point of effectiveness, and when negative, a fear of experience and a sublet delight in calamity.

The Snowy Full Moon, also known as the Hungry Full Moon was named by the native tribes’ ofNorth Americabecause they considered February, the month with the harshest weather conditions.  This helped to forewarn and remind them that this particular month’s weather conditions made hunting very difficult to provide for the sustenance and for the livelihood of the community during the bitter part of winter.  The Sabian symbols are suggesting that not only through the good, but even during the difficult and trying times to create an occasion for relaxation and creative play.  The emphasis is fellowship that becomes the means for cultivating the resources in which all accomplishments of lasting value is achieved.  In this environment one discovers personal skills and abilities previously unrecognized, and the aptitude to rise above any situation or crisis one encounters.  We need to remind ourselves that this kind of activity is nourishment for our soul and spirit in which to help us to create a shelter from our own negative thoughts and feelings when they come upon us like the falling snow.  This Leo Moon is allowing us to develop new inspirations and adventures, by spotlighting and demonstrating the results we can achieve with empathy and sympathy.

“Planets in Conjunction Like Mercury, Are Neutral”

One of the greatest lessons I learnt in my journey through life came early through a mentor who taught me if I am to ever be successful in life and in any career I needed to be observant to everything, especially of those involved in my life, and the events around me.  He made me observe people in how they ate and to their body language, and then try to come to a conclusion of what their lifestyle would be like and their possible needs in this world.  This observation has become second nature to me, and I noticed that two of my co-workers who are managers were so attuned to each other in their work habits that I wonder what I would find comparing their charts.  To my surprise and delight there was six conjunctions of the planets, that made them think so alike, it would be hard to tell where one began and the other left off.  Was this the kind of chart that would make for a Happy Ever After Ending, in a way yes, and in a way no.  As a work team these aspects would make them hard to beat, and if given a free hand would be able to come up with successful solutions sooner, as they thought as one.  If this was a love relationship with passion in tack, it would be a prince and princess fairy tale story with a happy ending.

I began to wonder what would change, or what would be needed to take a real friendship or work association into a love relationship?  As I began to think over the matter, I realized it was not only the timing, but the outlook and the attitude of the individuals involved.  I came to the conclusion that each individual needed to go through and pass the excitement of passion and sexuality of a relationship into the realization of what keeps a union together.  When we realize that a relationship is more then passion and excitement, then we go to the next stage in building towards a future in living together in harmony.  This is where the conjunction of the planets comes into play, and makes our ability to be attuned to each other, a passionate and exciting tool to build on.  The conjunction is like Mercury, neutral until it aspects another planet.  The conjunction assumes the role of sympathizer and empathizer with the planet that it is conjunct with.  As I have said before it is like two people standing side by side, we feel one another and are strengthened and energized by their support.  If the conjunction aspects another planet it may indicate a possible love connection, then the potential is there.  When the progressions indicate the event, it may be possible for it to become a reality.  I say possible, as I feel that we as individuals still have a choice in the matter.

This aspect makes great work partners as they are attuned with one another and are able to still have their own point of view, and because they are able to be sympathetic and empathetic with each other, they can quickly compromise to make things work the way they want, to have a successful undertaking.  In my opinion, what makes a successful relationship, whether it is business or love, is the ability to feel attuned with and trustful of the other person involved.  The conjunction of the planets involved, whether it is two benefic, malefic, or one of each, is the trust that each will do its part in the aspect.  Trust is the keyword that we can expose our real self to another individual to encounter their sympathy and empathy and to build a relationship with a firm foundation for a lasting future.  So when the passions have subsided, remember to look for the link and construct upon the connection of the conjunction to building a future together.  One last thought is that any relationship, no matter how successful the stars say it will be, all relationships need to be worked on to come to the successful end like the fairytales foretell.

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