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“Lunar Eclipse at 11th Degree Cancer on December 31st 2009 ▬ Happy New Year!”

If in the last year, we weren’t persuaded that the Universe was trying to tell us that we needed to make some drastic changes and that we can no longer continue the way we have been going.  New Year’s Eve night is coming in with the biggest bang ever to convince us, as the last SuperMoon of 2009, where the Moon is at both perigee (closest to the Earth) and syzygy (in line with Sun and Earth).  This Full Moon is also a lunar eclipse, an even more precise alignment of the Sun, Moon and Earth which will intensify the gravitational pull, generating higher tides.  As above, so below our own body fluids will be subtlety affected, making us aware that we also are driven by the same forces that affects the earth.  With the Full Moon in Cancer, it is telling us, that we need to release what is no longer serving our growth and desires, and that we are required to surround ourselves with things which will nurture and nourish us.

We need to go within into the realm of the intuition and our instincts to bring out from the unconscious and subconscious the developments of feelings, fantasies and creative imaginations which will feed our souls and continue our growth.  The Moon facing the North Node, Mercury, Sun, Venus and Pluto in Capricorn is directing us to the realization that by nurturing ourselves, we are then capable of nurturing others for the greater good of us all.  The aspects of the planets are telling us to think outside of the box, and to realize that business as usual is no longer applicable.  The financial meltdown has shown us that the accountability of allowing others to keep us safe has not worked, and the responsibility has to end up with each of us being aware of what is happening.  It is also telling us that we need to act or react to our surroundings, that we can no longer allow things to go on as they have been, because it is safe or that we think it is.

“The Sabian symbol for the Moon in 11 degrees of Cancer and for the Sun in 11 degrees of Capricorn is taken from “The Sabian Symbols in Astrology by Marc Edmund Jones”, and what follows are my comments.

Cancer 11  A clown making grimaces  This is a symbol of the continual self-rehearsal by which the everyday personality of man is able to sustain its particular characteristics, and of the tentative side of experience through which the uncertainties of life can be dramatized for acceptance or rejection without incurring any penalties.  Here is an emphasis on the ridiculous as an instructive exaggeration of human nature, or as an exhibition of its inadequacies in a direct simulation to better self-realizations.  The keyword is inimitability.  When positive, the degree is effective sharpening of an individual’s dominant or everyday impact on others, and when negative, a loss of personal influence through aimless self-exploitation.

Capricorn 11  A large group of pheasants  This is a symbol of the social ritualization by which man’s everyday personality is able to maintain and refine its particular characteristics, and of the common expression of self through which life endows each individual with his fundamental inner certainty and his convenient outer reality.  Here is an emphasis on the reduplication and multiplications of every facet of existence, so that the continuous variations come to dramatize an infinite potential inherent in the whole.  The keyword is illimitability.  When positive, the degree is a tireless pursuit of every personal aspiration, and when negative, egotistic satisfaction in matching the mediocrity of others.

Change is in the air, so let us not copy or imitate what has gone before, but to go within and bring forth new innovative ideas that will continue our progress.  By going to the dark side we will see the light at the end of the tunnel.  Only by experiencing what we don’t want, can we decide what we do want and desire.  So with this in mind, the steps we take with this Lunar Eclipse will bring us a happier New Year.  As the tradition continues, what we do or think on New Year’s Eve is what will carry on through the whole year, so aim high and follow your dreams and create your own happiness and peace for the future with the energies produced by this lunar eclipse.

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