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“Opportunities Are Quick to Disappear Mumbles the 2 Aries 22 New Moon on Mar 22 2012”

As the darkness of night become shorter and the daylight glows brighter and longer with the cold winter air giving way to the warmer and more cheerful weather patterns, a sense that the old ways need to give way to new perspectives and objectives is in the air.  Amid this hopeful atmosphere the 2 Aries 22 New Moon at 7:38 am PDT on March 22nd 2012 appears on the horizon and is subtly mumbling that opportunities are quick to disappear.  The potential of this moon phase is emphasized by the closeness to the vernal equinox, with the concentration of energy in Aries a cardinal sign, the retrograde of Mercury and Mars, with Jupiter trine Pluto, and Neptune into Pisces.  The aspects are warning us that the opportunities for a beneficial outcome is in the air, but that we need to use caution with our actions and thoughts, if we are to take advantage of the moment.  Impulsive thoughts or actions are pitfalls at this point, and the time we have to grasp for the change we need to make, may be sooner to end than we think.  The foundation of our beliefs that we have been building upon is about to be tested and the proof of the pudding will be revealed.  As we enter the year 2012 being set in our mode of handling any situation needs to give way to being alert, open and willing to deal with whatever crosses our path, and the time for action is now.    

“The Sabian symbol for the 3rd degree of Aries is taken from “The Sabian Symbols in Astrology by Marc Edmund Jones”, and what follows are my comments.

Aries 3  A cameo profile of a man in the outline of his country  This is a symbol of a real breadth of participation in everyday affairs, and of the extent to which every individual tends to epitomize the tradition and culture from which he has emerged.  There is here the suggestion of both an impersonal self-dedication to broader community interests and a highly personal dramatization of the self as a focus for group actuality.  The keyword is expectation.  When positive, the degree is man’s capacity for giving full play to every ramification of the reality he has created for himself, and when negative, an unimaginative conventionality which leaves him in bondage to every current stereotype of human relations.

This symbol speaks to us of a personal and yet impersonal involvement of life that spirals around us in that we as unique individuals, representing not only who we are, but as the collective identity of our community, country, heritage, cultural and social traditions.  The implication is that the uniqueness of the individual is overshadowed by his singular expression and dedication to the achievement of social, rather than personal goals and wishes.  This image epitomizes the highest and grandest ideas, talents, and traditions associated with any particular group, organization, country, or the global community.  It encourages enthusiasm, joy and satisfaction that our greatest advantages lie in working towards the achievement of group objectives.  Here the aspects in the night sky come into play by encouraging us to take time out of our busy lives for rethinking, reevaluating, and reviewing what has gone before, and what we want to follow and what we want to bring to fruition for the future.  The Universe is telling us to be certain that if we are representing utopian ideas, thoughts and actions that these concepts are what truly represents who we are and what we really believe and stand for.  The planets in retrograde at this time is telling us to take care and caution in our thoughts, decisions and actions.  Impulsiveness is not the word of the day, but action is, as the 2 Aries 22 New Moon mumbles and reminds us that opportunities are quick to disappear and fade away.


“Is Mars Retrograde, Quick Tempered and Action Uncompleted?”

As we are quickly approaching to the end of another year, and the beginning of a new one, I began wondering what this Mars Retrograde in Leo again happening around the Winter Solstice, which normally extends to about six weeks to an unusual length of almost eight months in Leo, means in our daily lives for the coming year.  My astrology group has been discussing Saturn Retrograde and it’s meaning in the natal chart and how it may show the absence of the father figure or beneficial guidance or mentoring.  I began wondering what Mars Retrograde would indicate in a natal chart and as a transit to us individually, and as a collective whole.  The Mars Retrograde will square my Sun, so I have decided to think more deeply on the matter, and what I can do to make it benefit me more, then it normally might have done.  Thinking that Mars would react like Mercury Retrograde, but not as noticeable to the general public, I am determined to be careful and cautious of the actions of this red planet.

Mars in principle means strength of will, desire to conquer and conquest, perseverance and stamina, aggression and passion, and the ability to actualize and accomplish one’s objectives.  Being retrograde these actions tend to come into reality more carelessly and without forethought.  With retrograde we don’t need an excuse to cause problems, as we jump into action before understanding the situation.  We tend to appear to be quick tempered and far too quick to act in any situation and our anger is unreasonable.  Our actions may be full speed ahead, but nothing is apparently accomplished.  Our nature may be normally docile and gentle, but a violent streak might appear unexpectedly.  With the planets still indicating a difficult period ahead of us, we need to be vigilant with our actions and with Mercury Retrograde, the need to look with care before deciding on what actions we need to take.

Mars Retrograde in a natal chart may point towards a need to understand aggression, action and passion and how to use it, as a benefit in one’s life.  What we saw in our childhood, how we understood it and how we incorporate it in our thinking, is how the retrograde affects us now.  Our ability to harness the Mars energy and to use it to our benefit, will determine how successful we become in this life.  Mars the god of war anticipated all situations before going into battle, and in reality was using the talents of Mercury to keep ahead of his enemies.  Retrograde planets in the natal may also indicate that the blessings will come later in the person’s life, or that the person uses that energy in a different way. 

With Mercury and Mars doing their thing, our main mantra for the coming year should be like the Fool Card in the tarot “So look before you leap”.  How successful we will be in the coming years will depend on our foresight, our understanding of the nature of retrograde planets and our ability to use Mar’s and Mercury’s energy to fulfill our convictions, hopes and desires.

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