“Discovering the Thesis of the Natal Chart and Concentrating on it will Astound”

I have always had the belief that everything created in the Universe is in synch to each other like the microcosm, which reflects what is happening in the macrocosm. Another example is what happens in the mineral or the animal kingdom is reflected in the human kingdom. So, I wasn’t too surprise, when I decided to take a writing class emphasizing the importance of sticking to the thesis of the essay in order to make a point that I would learn something that I would be able to apply in another area of interest, such as astrology. What did surprise me was how significantly it would affect my thinking in delineating charts. I think I was always aware of the fundamental process, but to have it spelled out for me, had an impact I didn’t expect, like a domino’s effect.

The following definition is found in the American Heritage Dictionary for the word thesis: 1.) a proposition that is maintained by argument. 2.) A dissertation advancing an original point of view as a result of research, especially as a requirement for an academic degree. 3.) A hypothetical proposition especially one put forth without proof. In class, in order to construct the perfect and compelling article, one needed to follow the proper outline to stay on course without too many side trips, which may weaken one’s position. The essay would have an introduction which would encompass the general thoughts with a short concise statement of one’s thesis. The body of the essay would be composed of paragraphs that included a topic sentence to support and maintain one’s position. The last paragraph was your conclusion, reinstating or summarizing the main points and one’s final comment.

How simple was that? Having not been in a class room for more years than I can remember, I had the attitude that this was going to be as effortless as gobbling down my favorite foods. What followed for me and my fellow classmates was humbling to our egos and our understanding of human psychology. Staying on course without veering was more difficult than any of us realized at the moment. What we thought was supporting our argument was actually weakening our point. Too many ideas brought up questions that were not actually related to what was being discussed. What I noticed in the class exercises, the essays that did not sway from the main theme, not only was more convincing, but the most interesting to read. Being concise and to the point is more difficult if one is not consciously aware of doing it. If we were to present a convincing proposition, we needed to discipline our choices, and stick to the topic.

It was mind boggling to me that as an astrologer I was doing the same thing. There was so much to see in delineating any chart that unconsciously I was running around the main points without concentrating on what really matter at the moment. Although I am capable to discern the thesis of the chart, which is usually the ruler, I would become sidetracked by all the other interesting aspects and planets along the way. A case in point is my own chart, where the ruler of the chart is Mercury, and had I concentrated on this planet as if I was writing an essay, I might have seen things differently in my life. Once I stuck to the topic that I was concern with the interpretation of my own chart became much clearer, more interesting, more exciting and more meaningful to what was important to me. Staying and concentrating on the theme, the chart expressed what was essential, without the frills that would usually confuse the issues. Hindsight is such an incredible teacher, but what is important is that I learn and grow from them.

In conclusion this has taught me a lesson that once we find the thesis of an essay, a dissertation, an argument, an astrology chart, et cetera, we need to support it without any unnecessary side excursions. Concentrating and sticking to the topic will ensure a better understanding of what we are trying to get across. This is not to say that there not many other important points to any situation or subject matter that need to be considered, but by concentrating on one idea at a time, we do justice to it. By staying true to the topic we have chosen, we will discover facts we may have consider as being insignificant, to be the clinching statements of our thesis. Being aware that as humans we tend to unconsciously embellish, it is imperative that we make sure the embellishment is essential to the issue, as it is critical in successfully conveying the thought. This is very true when delineating a chart, to stay with the thesis in order to make the delineation more alive, interesting, and accurate, and to the point.


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