“Is Mercury Retrograde Starting Feb 23rd 2013 Creating a Shakeup or a Reshuffle?”



As we are near the end of one year and are at the early part of another, there is hope and expectation, that a New Age and a transformation is about to happen.  In this atmosphere, the forever messenger and traveler, Mercury, enters with gusto into Retrograde on Saturday, February 23rd 2013, in 19 Pisces 54, at 1:41 am PST, and ends on Sunday, March 17th 2013, in 5 Pisces 38, at 1:03 pm PDT.  My biggest fear with retrograde is our concepts and apprehensions we have built up, over time, about what might happen to us during this period of time.  Having experienced this phenomenon many times, I can attest to the fact that if one is cautious, alert and aware of what is happening at the moment, one has nothing to fear, but fear itself.  This period is asking us to retrace our thoughts and feelings, and to prioritize what is really important to us. 

Many times during these periods when a computer, car or electronic instrument is going haywire, our biggest annoyance is the frustration and the time involved.  The real problem is not paying attention to the details and that the results of our actions come back to haunt us with delays and misunderstandings, which we could have avoided.  We will usually get a surprise which we did not expect, because we had not paid attention when it was happening.  The fault is not all due to the planet Mercury, but with us in this fast pace world of today.  We seem to always be anticipating the future, or reminiscing about the past, instead of living and paying attention to the present.  We are mostly to blame, as we tend not to be cautious nor did we pay attention to the details.  We need to become aware of the consequences of our actions or non-actions, to avoid the frustration and delays retrograde can bring.


What disturbs me with this interlude is that, we as astrologers tend to emphasize the negative aspects, rather then the positive actions we can take to avoid the frustrations and delays related to retrograde.  Instead of avoiding certain situations, we need to be prepared and mentally alert for whatever comes our way, in order to avoid the pitfalls.  Knowing that delays and unexpected outcomes are possible, our attitude toward the situation should be more of calmness, rather then agitation.  As we meet each negative situation with a positive action, we will begin to create a positive force around us.   Mercury Retrograde in Pisces is telling us to shakeup our priorities and to reshuffle them in what we truly believe in, and truly stand for.  At this time, it is asking us to find our own inner spiritual voice, and to allow it to have its place in the limelight.


 “The Sabian symbol for the Moon in 20th degrees of Pisces and for the Sun in 6th degrees of Capricorn is taken from “The Sabian Symbols in Astrology by Marc Edmund Jones”, and what follows are my comments.


Pisces 20  A table set for an evening meal  This is a symbol of nature’s prodigality as revealed through the normal satisfactions for which modern man seldom has to exert himself, and as these take on significance through his instinct for finding every phase of reality a special revelation of his own potentials.  Every individual discovers that there is no part of the universe he cannot enlist for the fulfillment of his own desires, and in making every such potentiality an expression of his own genius he achieves its promise in a thorough self-gratification.  The keyword is familiarity.  When positive, the degree is an effective sensitiveness to every passing need of mankind and when negative, naïve selfishness and a wholly witless optimism.


Pisces 6  Officers on dress parade  This is a symbol of a cyclic and necessary intensification of any personal being, as emphasized on the side of ritualized or ideal experience.  Dignity and protocol always provide a dramatic and valuable rehearsal of cultural or group values, exalting each individual in some one respect for the strengthening of all in their total pattern.  Here is an investment of selfhood for the long-range potentialities of life, made possible by some immediate and self-fulfilling demonstration of personal skill or capacity.  The keyword is discipline.  When positive, the degree is schooled self-assurance and absolute responsibility, and when negative, unimaginative exercise of special privilege.


 This symbol speaks to the abundance of gifts, talents and nourishments that is given to us from the Universe, which lies within each of us.  It alludes to the fact that each of us is given the freedom of choice, to accept or reject what life has to offer.  How well we use these gifts and assets in our lives will determine the success and happiness we will achieve.  It is asking us to trust what has been given to us, and that these are the things we need, to fulfill our purpose in this life.  At the same time as we work with these gifts, it is asking us to respect and honor them with the dignity they deserve.  This Mercury Retrograde in Pisces is telling us, we need to shakeup and reshuffle our priorities, if we hope to accept the challenges and the rewards that are about to appear on the horizon, as the New Year unfolds.  At the same time, it is telling us that we need to allow our inner spiritual voice to be given a chance to have its place in the limelight.  

Retrograde Begins


Retrograde Ends


February 23rd 2013

1:41 am PST

19 Pisces 51

March 17th 2013

1:03 pm PDT

5 Pisces 38

June 26th 2013

6:07 am PDT

23 cancer 7

July 20th 2013

11:22 am PDT

13 Cancer 22

October 21st 2013

3:29 am PDT

18 Scorpio 24

November 10th 2013

1:12 pm PST

2 Scorpio 30



One response to this post.

  1. Posted by Pisces Rising on December 9, 2012 at 5:19 pm

    This retrograde begins RIGHT on my rising and I am a Virgo sun (1st decan) with Jupiter (2nd decan) and Mercury (3rd decan) also in Virgo so Mercury is my final depositor. Mercury in the 1st house joys there BUT in Pisces is in the sign of its fall since it is opposite the sign it is exalted in. Hellenistically speaking; I am in a 9th house focus until next August and thus a Mars ruled year. My Mars is retrograde at Pisces 22 degrees.


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