“Lover Come Back to Me Sings Mercury Retrograde on Nov 6th 2012”

It seems to me that there is always something or someone, which one can not be without and at the same time, to be with.  This is the type of association I always seem to have with Mercury Retrograde.  The planet in retrograde comes around in such a cyclic manner, that it is and here today and gone tomorrow, just as quickly as my love and hate relationship with the planet, does.  When retrograde comes back to me, my love for the time we spend remembering and meditating on what has passed and seeing what clutter needs to be thrown out with those bits and pieces we are keeping to be organized to be use in the future, are the times I cherished and have planned for.  What I hate about retrograde is the need to handle this period of time with caution, with carefulness, with retrospection in order to avoid glitches, with possible personal misunderstandings, with delays, with flawed and disrupted communications.  Mercury Retrograde will be singing “lover, come back to me” as it makes its appearance on November 6th 2012 at 4 Sagittarius 16 R until it turns direct on November 26th 2012 at 18 Scorpio 11.  His stay this time will be highlighted with a Solar Eclipse joining the reunion bringing excitement, tension and unexpected escapades.

“The Sabian symbol for the Mercury Retrograde in 5h degrees of Sagittarius and for the Mercury Direct in 19th degrees of Scorpio is taken from “The Sabian Symbols in Astrology by Marc Edmund Jones”, and what follows are my comments.

Sagittarius 5  An old owl up in a tree  This is a symbol of the necessary element of steadiness in human affairs, and of the extent to which the demonstrated and widely accepted values of life must have their full and functioning part in the immediate reality with which an individual may be seeking to come to terms.  Here is the power of man to give an eternal stability or a universal compulsion to whatever seems to call to his own deeper and private potentialities.  Emphasized especially is the real dignity of self-respect.  The keyword is normality.  When positive, the degree is exceptional wisdom or effective self-restraint in each detail of personal accomplishment, and when negative, self-betraying intellectual and emotional smugness.

Scorpio 19  A parrot listening and then talking  This is a symbol of the raw substance of intelligence, and it suggests that conscious existence can be shaped according to any desired lineaments.  Inherent in the symbolism is a sensitiveness to the continual reworking of reality on the ideal or imaginative side, and to the opportunity the individual may have for selecting or rejecting every essential element of his make-up.  Man continually projects the image in which he creates him self.  The keyword is conventionality.  When positive, the degree is exceptional skill in bringing the whole tenor of transient circumstances to the service of a personal aspiration, and when negative, the idle mimicry and self-gratifying pretense.

These symbols speaks to the need to go within our higher self during this period of time to seek the wisdom of restraint and stability with the importance of staying centered and aware of the world around us.  The image represents astuteness, emotional detachment and extreme self control.  The emphasis and the need at this time is to demonstrate dignity, self respect and the knowledge of when to keep silent in any situation that present itself, knowing that our actions may have ramifications we may regret.  To avoid stress and frustrations that can be magnified out of proportion to the reality and actuality of the situation.  With the Solar Eclipse joining the party, it is emphasizing the importance of paying attention and living the moment, as it is vital and essential during this interlude in time.  The significance in allowing our sensitivity and awareness to be grounded is critical to any success.  With the aspects in the night sky, it is telling us that we need to pay attention to our actions, realizing and understanding that our actions and the consequences will reverberate into the future.  Mercury Retrograde is reminding each of us as he sings “Lover come back to me” that the consequences of our actions have a habit of returning and haunting us.  Make sure our thoughts and actions are thoughtfully and carefully worked out during this point in time, is the message he is singing to us.


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