“Mars a Malefic in Pisces In the Sixth House Maybe just a Court Jester in Disguise”

It is always interesting and amazing to me how one learns more from the study of astrology from studying and researching one’s own natal chart.  Trying to memorize the rules and the definitions of the signs with the planet has always been very difficult for me.  After many tries with cue cards and every trick in the trade I have given up trying to rattle off a definition off the top of my head.  Letting the meaning of the sign and the planet digest in my conscious and subconscious mind for a length of time, my consciousness comes up with a delineation that even surprises me at times.  From the very beginning of my studies I have been taught that the sixth house and Mars were considered malefic, and to have the house empty and Mars in some other house could be a blessing in disguise.  Whether it is fortunate or unfortunate I came into this world with Mars in a sign that it is not the happiest in, and in the sixth house.  Mars in Pisces is sensitive and strongly influenced by a passive nature not prone to aggression unless angered.  My early childhood taught me that life needed to be worked at, if one was to accomplish what one hoped for in life, so having a difficult sixth house was not necessarily alarming to me.

The sixth is the house of service, by serving, working for, waiting on, attending to, in other words indicating working under someone.  It also indicates how and how well we carry out our duties and the state of our health.   Mars symbolizes activity, and is the archetype for action, for work, for fighting, for anger and for aggression, but is weak and more submissive in Pisces. It may appear or show its characteristics very subtly, but there is a breaking point when the full force of its energies will be released.  Mars in Pisces is sympathetic, sensitive, receptive, and at the same time dislikes conflict and discord of any kind by compromising to maintain peace.  This attribute is emotional, adaptable, sacrificing with a tendency for the artistic and dramatic displays and action.  Mars in the sixth house directs action towards work, the type of employment and service.  At the same time the state of affairs of the health of the individual is indicated.  One is usually an energetic worker, industrious and unless otherwise indicated by aspects, works extremely well as a team worker under good leadership.

I find the above description quite accurate, but I feel the actions and energy of Mars in my chart is like a court jester full of little surprises.  I have always wondered about the role the jester plays at court.  He has many faces and one is a fool, one an entertainer, one a comedian and one a clown that keeps the royals laughing and happy.  Another, less conspicuous is the observer and confidant of the King, being aware of the intrigues and the mechanism of court life and has learn to survive through it all.  The passiveness that Mars gives to me is not being subordinate to another, but a need to keep an even keel in all relationships and situations with a happy disposition.  This makes me observant of the nature of others and the ability to work around and with them, and gives me a key to work in close cooperation, even with all the maneuverings in the work place.  Mars being in Pisces is a malefic and is in a malefic house, does not frighten me because the planet like the court jester entertains me and keeps me amuse, and there is never a dull moment with all the surprises up its sleeve..

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  1. Posted by Pisces rising on September 16, 2012 at 4:33 pm

    I have Mars in Pisces too but retrograde and near my ascendant in my 1st house.
    I don’t see Mars as a malefic in Pisces since it’s best in Capricorn and Aries and Pisces is not the opposing sign. I think it gives us artistic leanings. While I don’t have the talent I do love art in many forms. I would think Mars in the 6th would give you a very active day to day life.


    • Hi
      Thanks for your comment and visit. Traditional astrology considers Mars a minor malefic and the sixth house also malefic. My thoughts are still undecided. My Neptune in the first gives me artistic leaningings, and love seeing bueaty in all its splendor. I think Mars is weak in Pisces, not necessarily malefic.


  2. I agree that we learn so much about astrology from studying our own chart. We get to dive so deep as we are learning about its configurations for a lifetime, constantly discovering new expressions as we experience more.

    I understand having a weak Mars as mine is in Cancer which is also not considered ideal. It is a great asset for protecting and nurturing your children though. I was once told that it is difficult to anger a Mars in Cancer. This is true and when this does actually happen I am more furious that I have been pushed into such an emotional state. I get angry that I have become angry.


  3. Hi, I also have Mars in the 6th house but mine is in Libra. I can relate to what you are saying. My life is utterly dramatic and relates more to a soap opera than you can imagine. I don’t know why it is that everyone always tells me their secrets also. I am not really sure that mars in the 6th is a plight. I have had to work very hard all my life with service to others but I also have accomplished a lot. My sun is on the chanticleer degree so I also have a weak sun but it is conjunct Spica. I find it difficult to interpret planets when they are in one sign but in stellium in another house. For example I have stellium in the 6th house of Virgo while these planets are in Libra. Likewise I have a major stellium in the 7th house of Libra while these planets are in Scorpio.


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