“Saturn in the Ninth House is a Teacher or a Preacher”


I find studying astrology very exciting, especially when one discovers something about oneself, which is hidden somewhere deep inside.  When it is discovered it is like a treasure found.  The other exhilarating thing is when you realize why you do what you do, and then you discover that wasn’t the reason after all.  At my first astrological consultation, I was told I would be a teacher, teaching astrology.  I never gave it much thought as I was pursuing a career totally different and I was not interested in teaching any subject at the time.  Certainly not something that I thought would ever become my strong interest and hobby.   The strange and funny coincidence was, when I was attending middle school, the teacher enrolled me in a teaching program to see if that would become a direction I would take when I would begin my college education.  I realized early in the program that I enjoy working with people, but teaching was not my forte.  Beside that, I did not enjoy or feel comfortable standing in front of a group and lecturing to them.  To this day I feel uncomfortable and tend to fall apart even among friends even if all I had to do was to stand up, without saying a word.


Everyone who has ever looked at my chart has told me the same thing that I would be a good teacher of astrology, and I have never felt comfortable with the idea.  It has always been a sore spot in my conversations with my peers, as I was always being enlisted in helping them in this area, in which I have always declined.  I always wonder if they missed something, or was I deceiving and deluding myself, and that teaching was my true calling.  Fortunately or unfortunately, no matter how I thought about it, I could not see myself as a teacher.  In fact I was being interviewed on a radio show, explaining the methods I used.  After hearing the recorded tape, I couldn’t wait to destroy it.  I have realized a long time ago that I do have the patience of a teacher and am very good at laying out a plan to teach certain fundamentals of a subject matter, but teaching full time is a different story.  Like a teacher I enjoy the discipline one needs in organizing one’s thoughts in a game plan, it is another matter to express it to others.  It seems to me that teachers need to have many qualities to be good and the one requirement they need, I don’t have is the ability to speak well in front of others.


In trying to understand why I prefer not to be a teacher, I began to wonder if there was something wrong with the delineation of my chart, or was there a subtle influence that was missed or overlooked.  My Saturn is in Gemini in the ninth house which I hope might give me a clue, in that it was a mutable sign.  Was that the problem or the cause of the misunderstanding?  I decided to check all my books and the internet to see if I could discover any light on the matter.  Luckily I ran across the keyword associated with the planet in this particular position which fits me to perfection, and I suddenly felt I was no longer in need of seeking further.  The word was inadequacy.  I definitely have the feelings of being inadequate in performing the duties of the teacher.  It occurred to me that Saturn did represent me in a way I never thought about, since this position could represent someone seeking or teaching the spiritual or philosophical ideas.  That really wasn’t me either, so I decided to play around with the word preacher, one who teaches or proselytizes spiritual ideas.  Suddenly the light turned on, and I realized that I was a proselytizer of any ideas that worked for me.  If I found something worthwhile, I wanted to share it with everyone in hearing distance.  I wasn’t teaching others, but I was sharing the good news which where the concepts and the ideas I found meaningful and helpful in my life.



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  1. Posted by Pisces rising on September 3, 2012 at 10:00 am

    I have Saturn in Scorpio in the 9th. True to form I love to dig into matters of life and death and spirituality, afterlife, etc.

    This year I have profected to a 9th house year so I am curious to see what comes of it. The Sun joys in the 9th house and the ruler of my 9th is Mars in Pisces. Hopefully that will soften any blows a Mars ruled year brings.


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