“Do I as an Astrologer Heed My Own Warnings or Advice?”

It has been my belief that one of the Universe’s gifts to the world to confirm its existence, its connection and its love for its creations was through the spiritual and occult arts, which astrology is one of them.  The more one tries to master any of the arts, the more one realizes that everything is connected with one another in someway.  What happens to one of us is felt or understood by the other, even if we are not consciously aware of it.  The axiom “As above, so below” can be compared to  the part that stores the essence of the whole, although in actually, it still only represents the part.  The ancients were aware and understood the importance of working with the laws of the Universe and our connection with it. I believe we have lost the keys to astrological prediction and are regaining some of the lost knowledge through translations of old astrological texts.  I suspect the reason we lost this knowledge is because we were trying to modernize, and we accidentally threw out the baby with the dirty bath water.

What we did have in our tool box to predict with, is still amazing, and with some of the new discoveries that have been revealed through the translation of old texts has been incredible.  What is still to come will probably astound us all.  I am having enough trouble just to sort through what is available and to digest it to a point where I can really understand what I am reading.  I have been trying to understand the translation of Morin, and it seems every time I restudy a section of the book, something new comes to light for me.  Sometimes it is months after something I read that I have begun to even have any glimmer of understanding of what one sentence might have meant.  The thing I am sure about Morin is that he believed that astrology proved to him that God truly existed in all it s glory and goodness.  Astrology allows us to choose and to see our destiny.  Being involved in some of the astrology egroups as they work through some of the delineations, I am always bowled over by the results.  Some times the completion to the delineations comes many months after the answer and the conclusion was given, but the excitement and the exhilaration that comes from knowing the predictions were correct, is incredible.

Now getting back to the question to whether as an astrologer do I heed my own warnings and advice?  As an astrologer and a student who truly loves the study, and realizes that if one has mastered the techniques, the answers are definitely available.  I don’t seem to have any problems delineating another person’s chart and giving my opinion on what the chart seems to be indicating and the direction it seems to be pointing to.  Unfortunately when delineating for myself, I find it very difficult to be objective, I find myself trying to see how the aspects could explain what I hope for, instead of allowing the answer to come forth on its own.  The more the question or situation has a deep emotional attachment, the less likely I am able to delineate with an objective temperament.  As far as heeding my own warnings and advice, it is easy to do as I am not expecting anything from the situations because I am taking precautions indicated by the aspects to avoid any complications that may develop.  Unfortunately if one is looking for a favorable outcome, it is easy to interpret the facts to meet one’s expectation.  If I am honest with myself and am seeking a truthful answer, I usually seek the advice of someone who is able to be objective with the question at hand.


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  1. Posted by Pisces rising on August 19, 2012 at 7:33 pm

    I agree with you. I have told others when their relationships were going to have difficulty but can’t seem to figure out my own. lol.


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