“The 165 Degree or Johndro Aspect is Considered a Minor Aspect in the Major League”


I have always felt that life and everything in it is synergistic with the laws of the Universe, and if one could quiet one’s self long enough to listen and to be aware of it, its secrets will slowly be revealed.  My thoughts have always been if I am open, then at the right time, the right thing will come along into my life.  As of late, the intensity to learn all I can in astrology has been my main ambition and goal.  In the last issue of the Mountain Astrologer Magazine issue #163 June/July 2012, an article entitled “The 165 Degree Aspect” by Zane B. Stein, a leading authority on Chiron, was featured.  I have glanced at the article several times, without really reading it with my full attention.  I usually only use the major aspects in my delineations, and only use the minor aspects to confirm what I already suspected.  For myself, I have always tried to keep my delineations as simple as possible, as too many ingredients in the mixture would usually confuse me and my interpretations became too complex and less to the point of the matter.  For some reason, I felt I needed to pay more attention to this minor aspect of 165 degree, or quindecile, also known as the Johndro Aspect and or the Tao aspect.  Maybe it was the word Tao, which I have always associated with a way of life, which one needed to work with and to be in control of, which attracted my attention


Quoting from the article the keywords associated with this aspects are as follow: “determined, persistent, single-minded, dogged, unyielding, unrelenting, unwavering, persevering, uncompromising, reacting intensely to events by becoming all the more focused; unable to quit under any circumstances, not fazed by the apparent reality of a situation (not letting apparent reality interfere with one’s purpose); potential for becoming truly obsessive; believing that there is no such thing as a non-negotiable issue; continually to get up and return to the fray no matter how many times one is knocked down; not afraid of controversy.  When at its most negative, refusing to be swayed from one’s course by the realties of a situation can lead to self-destructive behavior.”  After reading this description, I saw myself within its words, which I always attributed to my ascendant square my Midheaven, with Neptune square the Moon and Mars in the sixth house square the tenth house, as the cause of my affliction.  I am now convinced it is because I have an almost exact 165 degree orb between Neptune and Mars.  In truth I never considered this affliction as totally bad or totally good.  In some instances I felt it was God sent, in that it helped me continue to the finish line of any difficult project I decided on.  At other times I thought it was a nuisance, as I could not seem to give up hope on any desire or wish, no matter how impractical it appeared.  Even when it seems fruitless, I wanted to wait until the next turn in the road, and even then would not give up my expectation that it would come to pass.  This was a light bulb turned on to high, illuminating a new avenue of discoveries.


Because it is happening in my own chart and with my own experiences, usually gives me the momentum to look into things, concepts, and ideas with a more open and concerted effort to uncover the truth and the validity of it.  Looking at a friend’s chart who was always very deliberate and directed in his philosophy and spiritual life, and that this was his main focus and objective in life, above anything else, appears to others as an obsession and a commandment of truth to proselytize others with.  Although he was not doing that, it appeared to others who did not know hi well that this was his main objective.  This made me wonder if the aspect was what we experience as individuals, or what others think they see in us because of the aspect working through us in unexpected ways?  I was not surprised to find an exact orb of a few seconds from his Sun in Gemini to Jupiter in Scorpio.  The keywords to this aspect seem to be more destructive then positive, but I have always had the conviction, nothing is absolutely beneficial or malefic, it is the way we put the attributes to work in our lives that determines the good or bad of it.  As I continue to read the article, it appeared that those who achieved something in life either had one or several of these aspects in their chart.  I could see where this aspect is needed to achieve anything worthwhile in life, as it keeps us going when hope is diminished and the light at the end is not in sight, until our goal is reached.  At the same time it can be an annoyance, in that we continue with something that has no end.  For those who have this aspect in their charts, I wonder what your thoughts are on the matter?


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  1. Posted by Lalah on July 30, 2012 at 4:41 pm

    Thanks for your very timely post! I was looking for info on these a few months ago. The info I found said that I was surely OCD which didn’t fit for me until reading this article. I have at least 3 of these in my chart, most of them are well < 1 degree of orb. Sun/Moon, Pluto/Chiron, and Jupiter/Venus. There is one other but it involves an angle and a Part. I especially understand the comment about your friend. Sometimes I have difficulty when asking questions because they are viewed as a challenge, when that is not the intent at all. I think I have an extra dose of this energy because Astraea is at my sun/moon midpoint. I have read the mythology on her and it certainly fits with this aspect.


    • Posted by linknjoe on July 30, 2012 at 5:29 pm

      Thanks for your comment, Knowing that you have three in your chart, makes it easier to navigate life’s course.
      Good Luck and the Besst,


    • Lincoln,
      I am living history if the power of this aspect. I have four of these in my chart. I discovered it when I added about 25 new books to my astrology library as I geared up for the novel i just finished, Alexander Monaire: Labyrinth of Genius Book I of the the Orpheus Down Series. I am determined it will be the next Harry Potter series. To make it all happen, I had to be all you listed above to overcome obstacles. The magnitude of the book because it is a new genre, realistic adventure metaphysics, i am pioneering, it is of literary significance. There is no book series like it anywhere. I realize as an astrologer of 50 years, I like you have come to understand the world of others through my own lens. I am an Aries with a Pisces Moon and a Taurus Ascendant.with a very active 12th House. My intuition is psychic. Consequently, these 4 aspects have driven me powered by an Aries engine to probably 2 life times packed into one. I could write the stuff I write without this bizarre and unique experience engineered by my own obsessions. Check out the 2 video I have put up on YouTube as I start the promotion on this book and series. Keep me in mind over time as I continue to write and try t do the impossible. I am self published and even have started a new publishing company, Inner-face Publishing that will serve unpublished authors focusing first on metaphysical topics. The approach and marketing approach of Inner-face is completely out of the box and will change the publishing world. The YouTube link for the overview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W-XG98niZpM Enjoyed your article.
      Harold Jay Fannin


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