“Never Judge a Book by its Cover or be Proven Wrong Resounds Mercury in its own sign”

Ever since my first astrological consultation, I have been in awe of Mercury and its influence and energy it has on my thoughts and actions.  With the continuation of my interest in the subject matter and with the many classes and books, the respect and my understanding of the planet has only grown.  With the planet and the midheaven in the sign of Gemini, and my ascendant in Virgo and being in the ninth house, how is it possible for me to think differently?  Growing up in a culture and a time where the emphasis is on education and the ability to acquire it is always at one’s finger tip, the aptitude to use the energy and power of Mercury is essential.  At a very young age I have been very curious of everything that was revolving around me and I realized early in my growth, if I was to get a handle on what life had to offer me I needed to buckle down and pay attention.  Early in my education I noticed I was not able to concentrate on any subject for too long without going to the next interesting thought or idea on the horizon.  I learnt the hard way that if I was to attain any competence in any subject I needed to persevere and work diligently until I mastered it, which at times took awhile and a lot of attentiveness.

When I began to acquire the knowledge of what Mercury in its own sign stood for, I began to wonder why it never fit the description of whom I really was.  I never felt that I was intellectual and definitely, when it came to quickly grasping a subject matter and deciphering what was needed and the ability to communicate that knowledge was difficult for me.  I learnt early in life that I needed to address this problem every moment of the day and in everything I did.  Learning anything was never easy and it took time, concentration and hard work which were needed to achieve the final results.  What always befuddles me was how everyone around me always thought it came easy and that it was a gift that was inherent in me.  Many astrologers have told me how lucky I was in having Mercury so prominent in my chart.  I always had a respect and a place of honor for the planet, but never thought I had the qualities or talents I was suppose to have.  It may appear to others I did, but I always felt I worked very hard to get to the point where it seems to others as an easy step for me.  Don’t get me wrong, it is not that I don’t think Mercury is not active and working hard for me, but not in the way I was taught the planet would and should be active in my chart.  I wouldn’t know what I would do without its energy and help in my life. 

I was beginning to feel that in some way I was responsible and guilty of not using the planet to its fullest potential or that my birth chart was wrong.  My conviction that the natal chart gives an accurate picture of the individual was being tested until a couple of years ago I ran across some ancient text giving a different meaning for Mercury in Gemini.  Recently I came upon an article by Seven Stars Astrology entitled “Mercury in Gemini, Mercury in Virgo – Not strong for the Intellect” which reinforces what I was beginning to appreciate, giving references, supporting the idea that Mercury in a mutable sign was weak and not as desirable as the other signs.  I am sure that others who have this planet as described would be devastated by the meaning, but I felt relieved that it was not me, not working with what was given to me, that was the problem.  It has been instilled in me by my first teacher that the Universe may give you a difficult aspect, but at the same time the Universe will give you something to overcome the difficulties if one will work it and develop it.  With the help of Saturn in Gemini and the beneficial aspect of Jupiter in Cancer, it has given me a fighting chance to work with what I have.  This proves to me to never to judge a book by its cover or what I thought something meant or stood for in delineating any chart.


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  1. Posted by Pisces Rising on February 26, 2012 at 4:11 pm

    I have Mercury in Virgo 29 degrees. It’s in Saturn’s bounds and sextiles my own Saturn in Scorpio. It might take me awhile for something to sink in – but when it does – it’s mine forever. I totally related to your article. There have been many times I thought I let my Mercury down. I attribute that to a fear of reaching for the stars-what might be considered the unknown-versus what is safe down below on the solid ground.


    • Posted by linknjoe on February 26, 2012 at 5:31 pm

      Thanks for the comment. I agree that for me it might also take a while, but like you , once its mine, it is definitely mine forever.


  2. Ha, you hit a chord. I have merc in Sagittarius 28 degrees. I have always been a quick study, a good researcher, a good communicator, a good writer, a prolific letter writer, and now with electronic mail, I’m pretty busy with that too. I feel like I am bragging but I am also bilingual. Weak sign for Mercury??

    All of these things are related to Merc, and is that weak? shallow? I don’t think so.


    • Posted by linknjoe on February 27, 2012 at 4:56 pm

      I did not mean to imply Sagittarius or Pisces, as I was relating only to my personal experience with my own chart dealing with Virgo and Gemini, where the planet is the ruler of both and exalted in one. Following the rules of rulership and exaltation I would have expected the abilities that you have. Unfortunately I wasn’t lucky that way. If you ever get tire of any of those Mercury energies, I will be glad to trade with you.
      Regards and the best,
      P.S. Mercury in Sagittarius could imply being bilingual, and being so close to the end of one sign may indicate tenth house admirations.


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