“Saturn a Malefic, Influences How Successful We Will Fulfill Our Destiny and Goals”


I have always had a fascination with Saturn since I have always associated the planet with the very strict God of our forefathers from the past, which gave us the laws to abide by.  Judgment and punishment would be dispensed if we did not follow the rules exactingly to the letter.  My thoughts are that as we were created in the image of God and as time went on our perception of our maker gradually transforms into a Jupiter type God that had more understanding and compassion.  As we continued to grow and learn, the concept of God became associated with the Sun planet as an all loving and forgiving being which incorporated all the attributes that came before.  The planet Saturn is considered the dispenser of discipline, structure and growth.  Saturn is considered extremely malefic of the planets and is barren, cold, dry, masculine, mysterious, secretive and a builder and destroyer at the same time.  The planet creates disharmony, disappointments, disputes, difficulties, differences, and may deny and delay that which one hopes for.  At the same time the beneficial attributes are stability, endurance, persistence, perseverance, responsibility, accuracy, precision, perfectness and self control with a sense of duty which permeates the planet. 


In my thinking Saturn is the father of cause and effect, and is considered saintly when things turn out or devilish when things go wrong.  These qualities as stated above are the essential elements needed to accomplish our hopes, wishes and our destiny.  How we use these qualities of this planet determines how well we will achieve our goals and our purpose in this life.  The truth of the matter is that we are the ones that are responsible for either making the decision or going with the flow of the general consensus which would have instigated the cause in the first place, and the effect of that action automatically follows.  Once we realize and understand this truth we will apprehend that we do have a choice in our future, and that with the Universe, we are co-creators of our own destiny.  Our direction in life may be unchangeable as the course may have already be charted, but how and the way we experience it is up to the choices we make along the way.  The decisions that are made in life are accomplished with the help and energy of Saturn. 


This is why it is the condition of the planet Saturn in our charts which effects how well we perform and accomplish our wishes and fulfill our destiny.  Is Saturn happy in the sign, house and the aspect it is in with the other planet?  Is it in aspect to its depositor and near an angle?  If the Saturn is in an unhelpful way, what planet in the chart may be of help?  My first teacher always emphasized that the Universe always balances the chart, in that for every malefic a beneficial aspect was given to help offset the trials and difficulties.  It is the choice of the individual how the assets, liabilities and talents to achieve the goals and the desired wishes are used.  In my opinion and thinking Mercury is the planet to help us understand what was communicated to us, the planet Jupiter gives us the reason and purpose of the message.  Saturn helps us to structure and gives us the momentum, and Mars gives us the energy to bring it to fruition.  Understanding the condition of our Saturn in our chart is the first step to successfully fulfilling our destiny in this life, by using the planet to its fullest potential and by accepting its abilities and its limits.


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