“Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall, Who is the Ruler of them All?”

One of my favorite tales of good over evil, or right over wrong is Snow White and her adventures over her step mother the queen.  Many versions and interpretations of the story have been made, but one of my favorite parts of the narrative is when the queen looks into the mirror and says “mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?”  There are times as I perform my morning ritual, I say to myself as the image looks back at me, what have I done and what defines and characterizes who I really am?  More than once, as an astrologer I have wondered what planetary influences have made a difference in all my actions and thoughts.  I have been taught that the ruler or hyleg of a natal chart is one of the deciding factors, but this never sat well with me.  I have always thought that there was one planet that determines how we wanted others to see us, and another planet that influences how we really are and are seen by others.  One morning as the question continued to disturb me, I looked into the mirror and as the image stared back, I asked myself “mirror, mirror on the wall who is the ruler of them all?” 


In the beginning I have always considered my astrological studies as a serious hobby, it is no wonder I was not concern with my career preference, but how well I might succeed in the choice I had made when I went for my first astrological reading.  What I remembered of the reading I had, are but shadows of the truth, and the memories are unreliable and unforgiving.  I realize now, that I heard what I wanted to hear, and what was actually said to me is lost forever in time.  This made me wonder if we always hear only what we want to know, and is that one of the reasons we have missed opportunities that are passed over in our observations, conversations, experiences and travels which might have given us a different and more beneficial outcome?  Meditating on this I began to wonder if it was Mercury or was it another planet or the house that determines how we see things?    Thinking about this I realized that if I wanted to see how others saw me, it must be the tenth house which describes how we want to achieve our happiness and to be respected by others.  It seems to me that the planets in the house indicate what my career choices might be and how they may turn out, but the ruler of the house is the underlying factor which colors and inspires how we accomplish our desires. 


Through trial and error in studying several charts it appears the ruler of the tenth house colors and directs how we as individuals do things and how others perceive us.  Working with my own chart, since Mercury is the ruler of my tenth and first and is located in the ninth house, which influences all my thoughts and actions.  Mercury is a kindred spirit in everything I do, so I never realized its importance, until I really looked at it closer.  The planet not only influences my other planets, but how I used it was indicative of my success and how people saw me.  Looking at the chart of a coworker I wanted to see if there was something that I had not seen before that gave a clearer picture of how she came to choose her career.  She had the Moon as ruler of the tenth in connection to Venus in the fifth and Jupiter in the twelfth, which gave me the impression that her appearance and abilities were an issue.  In climbing the corporate ladder she deals with the axiom “never judge a book by its cover” in demonstrating and proving her abilities.  I was cautious in repeating my observation, but she assured me that I was on the right track.  Next time we decide to delineate a natal chart with clarity and color, it is my opinion we need to say to ourselves “mirror, mirror on the wall who is the ruler of them all?”

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  1. Posted by Pisces rising on January 29, 2012 at 5:08 pm

    My first house is Pisces and my 10th is Sag which puts Jupiter, which is in Virgo, in charge by your standards if I read this correctly.

    I do know my final depositor is Virgo. But when you have 3 personal planets in Virgo you know it will strongly color a chart.


    • Posted by linknjoe on January 30, 2012 at 4:36 pm

      Thanks for your comment. I didn’t mean to say the other planets and signs do not color their area of expertise. I just meant to imply if one wish to see what maybe the motivating force which we want others to see and respect us for, then my personal feeling is the tenth house ruler is one to study. My opinion is the ascendant is what we consciously allow others to see of our world, and the tenth is our subconscious behavior playing out in the real world in which we may or may not understand or recognize the value it has in our lives. Had I understood earlier in my chosen career what actually was the underlying key to what would make me happy, I would have improvise and change my path more times and in more ways, as mercury and five planets in Gemini would never make me do anything mundane. Gemini is too inquisitive for that. My intention was to subtly impress how important it was to use the dignities to arrive at the order one needs to arrange the keywords to develop clear and essential picture of the situation. The arrangement of the keywords determines the outcome, for example if the keyword was abundance and it was head of the line. Then one can be sure good is more likely to show up, compare to the word being fourth in line, where it may only be possibility. I am certain Virgo colors your chart, but Jupiter may be waiting in line for his turn behind the curtains back stage for his spot in the limelight.
      P.S. Thanks again for commenting.


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