“Uranus – The Rebel Without a Cause”

As the planet Uranus has been connected with the changes and the difficulties affecting the global consciousness at this time, a sense of awe has come over me with the realization of the incredible power the planet has within its reach.  As its energies continue to affect our consciousness with its grip upon us, and with its staying power lasting longer then we thought it would.  This caused me to review and to analyze what has transpired during the last year, and I came to the conclusion of the magnitude of destruction or creation which lies within the power of Uranus, which continues to haunt me with trepidation.  I have always felt friendly with Uranus as it conjuncts my Mercury in my natal chart, and though I have never felt antagonistic to the planet, I have not always welcomed its embrace in my life or in my actions.  I have always found Uranus erratic and unconventional in its approach and how it deals with any condition which develops.  It always needs to display an independence from the norm that stretches beyond the acceptable behavior of the day, and to find a place in the Sun, in which it can call its own.  

I have been taught that the planet is considered malefic and at the same time represents a higher more spiritual version of Mercury.  Where Mercury is the messenger and delivers the message as it was conveyed by the sender.  Uranus delivers the message with its own interpretation and meaning with a need to prove a point that the moment for action is imminent.  Uranus presents many sides to the situation and is willing to substantiate any claims as being the only way to correct the situation at the moment.  Uranus agitates until it gets its way, and when we finally respond, the action taken at the moment may be without any forethought of the consequences.  For this reason I have begun to suspect that Uranus is a “rebel without a cause”, which encourages us to act with a double-edged sword.  The sword representing all the reasons we need to take action as the circumstances present themselves, but without any real solution to correct and adjust the situation.  In my opinion Uranus is the impetus for change, but not the solution to solve the problem or distress at hand.  It is depended on the aspects and the helping hand from the other planets that leads us in the proper direction for the answer. 

The response and clarification of the situation can only come with the effort of all the planets working together for one purpose. This is definitely exemplified by what is happening around the globe with the outcry of rebellion in different forms, but with the same need for change.  And as it has been demonstrated, although a transformation may have taken place, unless we are clear and united in the final objective for everyone involved, it too may topple and turn into chaos until we get it right.  So what does this mean for each of us, if Uranus aspects our chart fostering a need to do things differently and to think out of the box?  How can we use the energies of this planet to bring our wishes and desires into focus?  When acting and responding to the energies of Uranus for change, that we do not take action for the sake of change, but to consider our situation with purpose and reason.  If not, we need to quickly reestablish our real objectives and begin to improvise what is needed to achieve it.  By studying our chart we can begin to understand what planets will work and help Uranus to achieve the transformation and change without losing the direction and the objective of the end result we want to be accomplished.  Then the rebel without a cause will have a cause.

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