“A Template for Action Stresses the 2 Aquarius 41 New Moon on January 22nd 2012”

With the dark cold winter nights making their impact on our lives and the financial situation which seems to continue to linger with the backdrop of the prediction of 2012 hovering, a sense of disquiet is in the atmosphere surrounding our every movement.  Within this climate the 2 Aquarius 41 New Moon on January 22nd 2011 at 11:41 p.m. PST makes its appearance stressing that the pattern in the night sky is a template for action.  With Jupiter and Saturn squaring the New Moon, the aspects are not asking us, but pushing us into action, even if we are not mentally or emotionally ready for whatever is on the horizon.  The feeling that permeates the air is that action of any kind whether beneficial or malefic to the situation, is better then no action at all.  Jupiter trine with Pluto is indicating that any endeavor with thought behind it, is a step towards the right way, and that each step combines to make one giant step closer to our final objective with joy and satisfaction.  Each stride and activity will reenergize, revitalize, reinvent and will make the final transformation that much more adaptable to whatever we put our mind to.  Putting actions behind our thoughts and ideas and bringing them into reality is the keyword for this moon phase.

“The Sabian symbol for the 3rd degree of Aquarius is taken from “The Sabian Symbols in Astrology by Marc Edmund Jones”, and what follows are my comments.

Aquarius 3  A deserter from the navy  This is a symbol of human independence carried to a point of extreme rebellion against things as they are, here emphasized in a disregard of all consequences for the sake of an immediate liberation of the spirit.  There is a demand for a more rewarding expression of individuality, and the reverend symbolism suggests that any late acceptance of full and personal responsibility for life is better than none at all.  Except as man creates his own allegiances, his destiny holds no depth.  The keyword is defiance.  When positive, the degree is genuine psychological courage in a repudiation of all meaningless loyalties, and when negative, complete inability to follow the rules of any game.

This symbol is reinforcing the message that something needs to be done about our state of affairs, but caution is indicated that our choice of action must be well thought out, if we wish not be in a position that creates more of a problem then it solves.  The image depicts a need to escape the circumstances by running away from it.  At the same time it shows courage to correct the mistake that was made, even it if in the long run the resolution is not helpful.  This reinforces the need to pay attention and think thoroughly through any situation, before making a decision that may impact our lives in ways we may not have the foresight to foresee.  Taking responsibility of our choices is the first step in increasing our chances that we will acquire more care and thought in any action we take on.  Remembering and using the law that “every cause has its effect” will prevent us from making hasty decisions we may later regret.  This also infers that to every ending has a new beginning and that every beginning has its ending, and with this in our subconscious our decisions will be more purpose driven.  This Aquarius New Moon is allowing us to work with the energies of the stars and planets to create the momentum for action by thoroughly thinking through the situation for our wishes and goals to be accomplished.

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  1. Excellent analysis, and hopefully people with take the hint. We don’t want to waste our power making symbolic gestures. Let’s make sure we are investing our Jupiter/Pluto energy where it will do the most good. I’m actually pretty jazzed about the three planets in Earth signs even if it doesn’t add up to a perfect Grand Trine. There’s lots of support right now for planting seeds and letting Nature take her course.


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