“Reevaluating Which Key will Easily Open the Secrets of One’s Saturn Return”

What is a Saturn Return?  This is when the transiting planet returns to the position it was in, in the natal chart approximately about every twenty nine and a half years.  In a life time an individual usually experiences at least two, if not three.  It represents a time of completing one major period and a need and desire to enter into a new phase and purpose for our continued growth.  It is considered usually a difficult time with a lot of stress and pressure, but it is also a time of many opportunities with important choices and decisions for new expressions of one’s being.  The Saturn Return has the reputation of being rough and unforgiving, and is one of the reasons one is instilled with caution and fear, when one reads on this subject matter, or needs to get through it. 


The opposition happens around about puberty as well as the teen years when the need to establish one’s identity becomes a major issue.  Around about twenty nine, and just before entering a new stage in our life, our main purpose and direction becomes the topic we can no longer avoid, if no decision has been made so far.  By the mid forties, Saturn again opposes its natal position, and our mid life crisis begins to creep in, making us wonder if life is passing us by?  By Saturn’s second return, our passed actions and results comes into view to determine our next course of action in making the time we have left, to live life to the fullest.  Seeing the return with this approach I began to speculate if the anxiety that is instilled in one, by the astrological community on one’s Saturn return is really necessary or even productive.


I have been studying astrology a few years before my first return hit me.  I must admit the trepidation I had was more of an exaggeration and unnecessary as I look back on the incidences that occurred at that time.  I can’t actually say they were not full of trials and errors, but considering the results and the outcomes, not as bad as they appear to be on the surface.  The one thing I have learnt in my lifetime is that when facing anything new and unfamiliar, one tends to open the floodgates of apprehension and fretfulness.  In my own life I have seen that, anticipating with fear and doubt was more of a handicap in overcoming the situation, then the situation itself.  Anytime one finds oneself in circumstances where change is needed, one will find that the best thing to do is follow the flow and work with it.


To what degree of difficulty each individual experiences the Saturn return will depend on the condition and situation the planet finds itself in, in the natal chart.  One also needs to be aware of the condition of the return planet in aspects to the other planets in the night sky.  This is where the old technique of the essential dignities will come in handy and is very critical in the understanding of what is needed to have successful results and outcomes.  If one can replace the apprehension and misguided thoughts with the notion that this is a challenge to overcome, then the difficulties one will encounter will be minimal.  If we allow Saturn to show us the way, we will learn that we need not fear him, but allow him to work with and through us to achieve the change needed.  To achieve anything one always needs to go into action and work at it.  Our first deed and key in a Saturn return, is to allow the planet with a positive attitude to unleash its wisdom and experiences upon us.


3 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Pisces rising on November 22, 2011 at 6:03 pm

    My Saturn is in Scorpio 26 degrees in Saturns bounds in my 9th whole house.
    I have stick-to-it-ivness like nobody’s business when I’ve a mind to. lol. I’ll be experiencing my 2nd one in a few years. The last time I experienced my Saturn return I gave birth. My daughter has the same Saturn in Scorpio 26 degrees tho in her natal 4th house. I asked her how she felt about her childhood and she says she has the fondest memories. (Her Dad and I were opposites…Aries with Cancer moon, Libra rising and I am a Virgo Sun with Aries moon) We did live in only 3 places in the same town until she graduated. Maybe that’s it? Her Mars is in Pisces conjunct Venus. My Mars is also in Pisces but trines Venus.


  2. Posted by Emily on December 4, 2011 at 11:06 am

    I currently have my progressed Saturn conjunct with my natal Saturn at 16 degrees leo in my 12th house (Saturn went retrograde shortly after I was born). I find that I am finally of mind to find freedom from the abuses that I suffered as a child from my father. I know that some astrologers do not pay attention to progressed outer planets, do you have any insights on progressed Saturn conjunct natal Saturn? Wondering if there is anything else that I should pay attention to.


    • Posted by linknjoe on December 4, 2011 at 6:22 pm

      It is always difficult to comment, without seeing the whole picture. I have always felt that any retrograde is asking us to go within and seek out what is truth to us. Retrograde is telling us to return, relive and retrace our steps, and to understand what and why we did what we did. Saturn retrograde is asking what our structure is and what holds us together? With your progressed Saturn conjunct your natal Saturn, the energy and the power of Saturn is again at your fingertips to use to get rid of cobwebs of the inner thoughts that prevent you from being and enjoying the real you. Remember depending how one works and deals with this planet, Saturn can be one’s friend or enemy.


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