“Let Your Inner Light Shine Beams the 2 Capricorn 34 New Moon on Dec 24th 2011”

A few days after we begin our sojourn through the winter solstice during the cold and dark nights, we will come upon the 2 Capricorn 34 New Moon at 10:07 am PST on December 24th 2011.  With the outer planets in beneficial support and with Jupiter in trine, this moon phase is beaming its message to us that we need to let our inner light shine and to no longer to allow itself to hide under a bushel.  As this moon is following in the footsteps of a solar and lunar eclipse, and on the eve of Christmas and other mid winter religious and secular celebrations, it is asking us to reawaken, revitalize, relight, and to anticipate the birth and rebirth of our inner self, to become a beacon of hope through our journey through the darkness.  As the celebrations of the light bring cheer to the dreariness of winter, our own inner light intermingling with all others will bring cheer to all those around us as we wait patiently for the coming of spring.

With the outer planets at the beginning of their signs, it is showing us the necessity and importance to rid ourselves of old and out of date habits and to seek new assessments and reforms.  This will need to be on our list to do, if we are to be prepared for what is ahead of us in the New Year.  This period of time is not only asking us to let our light shine brightly, but to be a guiding light and example for others to follow and to emulate.  Pluto conjuncts this moon, is intensifying the message of transmutation, transformation and revitalization of all we think and stand for in which we will need to actualize into reality.  Pluto is asking us to face our shadowy side to be able to see our true light in order to have and maintain the courage to go forward in the dark to the light at the end of the tunnel.  With beneficial aspects to Neptune and Uranus, our visions and imaginations have no boundaries. 

The Sabian symbol for the 3rd degree of Capricorn is taken from “The Sabian Symbols in Astrology by Marc Edmund Jones”, and what follows are my comments.

Capricorn 3  The human soul receptive to growth and understanding  This is a symbol of mankind’s fundamentally naïve capacity for experience, and of every individual’s equally fundamental dependence on the understanding and support of fellow participants in each moment of self-discovery.  Here is a delight in normal living, not through its limitation but rather through a reiterated release of selfhood.  Life is found to be real and rewarding because it may be encountered in such infinite ramifications of itself.  The keyword is avidity.  When positive, the degree is a gift for entering into the kaleidoscopic patterns of personal relationship with an unbounded enthusiasm, and when negative, simple shiftlessness or abandon.

This image symbolizes our simple childlike acceptance without any fear or suspicion to experience friendliness, eagerness, openness, trust, receptivity and living and being in the moment.  The image represents our understanding and receptiveness for the importance of growth and development in this life.  Our delight, satisfaction, joy and purpose are uncovered in our discovery when we realize and comprehend that the opportunities and the experiences that are laid in our path are unlimited and full.  Our gain is in making sure that we are attentive and alert to the circumstances and in the understanding and knowing what our advantages and disadvantages are.  Living the moment with keen intent and enthusiasm are the keywords for success.  This Capricorn New Moon is asking us to allow our light to shine, in doing so, the road to our happiness and satisfaction will become clear to us.


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  1. Posted by Pisces rising on November 13, 2011 at 4:30 pm

    Where I live that gives my city a new moon chart with Aries rising 18 4.
    Mars that day will be on my descendant. Gotta be careful who I spend time with that date. lol. POF and POS will be conjunct the rising. OK, a little less worrisome.


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