“Focus on Getting it Right Emphasizes the 18 Gemini 10 Lunar Eclipse on Dec 10 2011”

Eclipses are extra potent moon phases signaling a beginning or completion of a major lesson or lessons in life, thus marking turning points and opportunities.  We need to pay attention, to be alert, and to take steps in making it a reality.  This particular Lunar Eclipse at 18 Gemini 10 at 6:38 am PST on December 10th 2011 is emphasizing that we need to focus on getting it right at this point in time, is no exception.  Fortunately or unfortunately, accordingly to how each of us will experience this eclipse, the Universe is taking dramatic steps in reassuring and revealing to each of us the areas we need to concentrate on, if we are to experience a better tomorrow.  It is still up to each of us to be sensitive and aware of the message and to act upon it.  If we haven’t gotten the message so far from Uranus to make changes in our lives, by the planet entering into the sign of Aires, we no longer have the time to wait and see what happens.  The planet is going to push us into areas we are not familiar with, ready or not.  To keep us from continuing on the wrong path, the Universe may place us in a sink or swim situation to get us to the realization that change of direction is no longer a choice, but a necessity.  

“The Sabian symbol for the Moon in 19 degrees of Gemini and for the Sun in 19 degrees of Sagittarius is taken from “The Sabian Symbols in Astrology by Marc Edmund Jones”, and what follows are my comments.

Gemini 19  A large archaic volume  This is a symbol of the ultimate indestructibility of experience, so that any path once traversed may taken again with a greater ease and a broader self-discovery.  There is here the assurance of illimitable resources in wisdom, and the suggestion that this heritage may be made manifest at any time in an immediate and practical guidance.  The past always provides an illumination of the present, and man achieves best as he cultures a real sense of obligation to his own roots.  The keyword is background.  When positive, the degree is a special capacity for the recovery of prior advantages or the effective disentanglement of present involvements, and when negative, a slavish worship of tradition and authority.

Sagittarius 19  Pelicans moving their habitat  This is a symbol of the ultimate integrity of individual character, with each particular skill and capacity incorporated in selfhood as a potential of self-competency for subsequent refinement.  There are here illimitable resources of experience, so that when life becomes unprofitable in one phase there are always additional areas of realization in which the being may have its prompt reestablishment.  Man achieves best as he makes the fullest use of his own immediate genius.  The keyword is frontier.  When positive, the degree is the indomitable originality by which the human spirit remains at a forefront of everyday accomplishment, and when negative, an unreasonable attitude and fundamentally unsocial instincts.

These symbols with its aspects in the night sky are forcing us to articulate where we are coming from and to where our final destination will be.  To understand and to realize that the way we been doing things may no longer be the way to accomplish all that we desire and wish for.  Though it is a necessity to learn and work with the past, it may not be necessary to incorporate those ideas in materializing the future.  It is also important to have the wisdom and flexibility to turn on a dime so to speak, if the direction we are taking appears to be heading in the wrong direction.  Adaptability is a gift from Uranus that needs to be used to its fullest potential to insure that we think in new ways for answers to any of our difficulties at the moment.  We must face any situation with enthusiasm, courage, joy and knowledge with the understanding that all new beginnings are frontiers to the unknown which will bring to fruition new solutions.  Uranus is asking us to rethink how we think, and to reorganize and to see in a new light what is important in our lives.  As this Lunar Eclipse approaches its completion we need to focus on getting it right this time around.


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  1. Posted by Pisces rising on October 30, 2011 at 5:11 pm

    For those where the eclipse occurs in the night time the trigon lord would be mercury and for those where it occurs in the day then the trigon lord will be saturn. Gemini 18 falls in Venus’ terms or bounds.


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