“Is the Planet Uranus with Mercury and Steve Jobs, Kindred Spirits?”

As an admirer and fan of the vision and the accomplishments of Steve Jobs, I believe the adorations and the tributes expressed by the media are well deserved.  He had a determination and persistence to follow through even when criticism and doubt came from his own peers and organization, which shows the conviction and belief he had in his vision.  After seeing the results of his labors, no one can deny his ability to visualize the needs, wants, and wishes of the consumer before they even realized it.  His natal chart describes a person who has the ability to express, to communicate, and to convince others of his vision and ideas.  This desire to create was energized by his innate need to express his feelings, receptivity, sensitivity and nurturing to create products for the consumer that was a must have, without the consumer consciously realizing the need until the possession and the use of the product.

No wonder Mr. Jobs is considered an icon for the Aquarian age and the high tech revolution.  For me he is also an icon and a kindred spirit for all of us who follow the beat of a different drummer, an inspiration and a reason that gives us the foundation and strength for not giving up or giving in to that which gives meaning and essence to our existence and to our every step we take.  That we need to reassure ourselves that we are not alone, and that there are others out there making their own music and leading their own parade.  He is an example for all of us that thinking out of the box and beyond with the determination to follow our own vision can be a reality with its own rewards and satisfactions.  It is not important or necessary that we succeed in our fields like he did.  What is important is that we do not get discourage in bringing into reality our own dreams, and that we continue to follow the music within.

Using the data for Steve Jobs I discovered on the internet, the ruler of both the ascendant and mid heaven is Mercury in the sign of Aquarius.  This I found interesting as Uranus is in the sign of Cancer relating to the Moon in Aries in connection with Saturn in Mars trine to Jupiter conjunct Uranus.  His planets and aspects bouncing off each other as they do, it is no wonder that he is the poster child for the high tech world with his vision of what the world would be like in the twenty first century.  His Mercury representing how he saw himself and how others saw him and his ingenious ways he saw things with the planet being directly influenced by Uranus conjunct Jupiter on the verge of entering the house of helpful friends, helpful wishes and helpful visions.  There was no way he would see things in the normal way or could respond to the way everyone else saw or experienced the moment.  His ability to see beyond what everyone else saw and more, speaks to his innate nature to see the possibilities before they became apparent.

Mr. Jobs is a kindred spirit to the high tech world, Mercury, Uranus and for anyone that thinks outside of the box and for all those with determination who do not give up until their vision becomes reality.  Astrology too is a kindred spirit as we stand outside of the main stream thinking, and until we use and work with it, we don’t realize how useful, important, and constructive it is in our daily lives.  To honor the memory of one of many who led the way, kindred spirits around the world need to follow his example by standing strong to their own vision, no matter the criticism and lack of faith and vision of others.  As long as there is some sort of aspect or connection between Mercury and Uranus, it will indicate an individual who hears and sees things differently.  By using these energies to their fullest we not only show our gratitude and respect, but we honor the gift the Universe has given to us, by becoming kindred spirits and seeing the world in a different light.


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