“With High Hopes There Goes Another Rubber Tree Plant Sings the 3 Sag Solar Eclipse”

As the winter nights and the global financial situation seems to be in a slow mode, a chance for change of attitude and hope, and a time to make a difference is in the air with 02 Sagittarius 36 partial Solar Eclipse at 10:10 pm PST on November 24th 2011.  Eclipses are extra potent moon phases signaling a beginning or completion of a major lesson or lessons in life.  Another important aspect is that this is the last of the six super moons for the year which indicates its’ closest distance from the earth and the importance its influence may have in our lives in the coming weeks.  Coincidentally it is happening at the end of the day during the celebration of Thanksgiving in theUnited States.  With a stellium in Sagittarius and a trine involving Jupiter, Pluto, and Mars, it is reminiscent of the song “High Hopes” written by Sammy Cahn from the film “A Hole in the Head (1959).  The song tells of an ant with high hopes against insurmountable odds, and finally moving a rubber tree plant.  It is a song and story of overcoming the impossible and the unthinkable, because of determination.  Whoops, there goes another rubber tree plant.

This reminds us that any situations or circumstances needs to be thought thoroughly through if we are to begin to understand if things needs to be revised, updated or a complete new direction be instituted.  If change is what is indicated, a thorough understanding and strategy, is a must and should be considered and worked on before jumping into any solution without knowing of a successful outcome.   If the remedy to the solution seems to be impossible, the aspects in the night sky are saying to us to use the energy of the planets to decide the next step.  Reminding us that high hopes with positive thinking and thoughts combine with determination with an open mind will allow us to find the answer and lead us through the dark tunnel to the light and to safety.  The Universe is reminding us that all is energy, and that the mind which is energy can transform and create.  The aphorism that “birds of a feather flock together” is more a universal law that is always at work, more then we realize or pay attention to.  Keeping our thoughts with high hopes and positive thinking will attract its similarities to it, bringing more ideas and successful completions into reality.

“The Sabian symbol for the 3rd degree of Sagittarius is taken from “The Sabian Symbols in Astrology by Marc Edmund Jones”, and what follows are my comments.

Sagittarius 3  Two men playing chess  This is a symbol of the self-confidence and authority which come to man through his refinement of skills and discipline of understanding, and of his capacity for mobilizing every potentiality of self at any point of challenge in events.  Here is emphasis on the individual’s effective and profitable participation in a reality which he has been able to approach and master through the completeness of his perspective.  His gift of concentration is his genius of self-fulfillment.  The keyword is ability.  When positive, the degree is high sensitiveness to every possibility of accomplishment of broadened self-discovery, and when negative, unsuspected bigotry or foolish exactitude.

This symbol speaks to the extraordinary mastery of our mental abilities expressing our foresight, imagination, keen insight, sustained concentration and the anticipation of the thoughts and actions of others and the consequences of these actions.  It is also our ability to profit and learn from our trials and errors, the routines of others, the laws of nature, and our natural ability to improvise, respond and quickly react effectively and forcefully when the unexpected happens.  Our love of intellectual competition and sportsmanship with either our self or others is one of our innate needs.  With the above assets, talents and techniques under our belt in hand with high hopes, positive thoughts and determination, how can we fail?  We may not win like we hoped, but we will not have lost either, but have gained knowledge and wisdom to achieve our wishes and goals at the end.  So with high hopes, there goes another rubber tree plant.

2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Pisces rising 18 on October 16, 2011 at 3:41 pm

    My north node is Sag 3 22 R in my natal whole 10th house or 9th Placidius.

    Now you have me singing that song in my brain. lol.

    What I find interesting is that, in using the location where I am, the rising will be Virgo 16 with all of these in the SAME degree as the rising: Part of Spirit, Part of Fortune and part of Basic. This is the range of 16 45 thru 16 46 for all of those. I have made the mental note and will be seeing what the day brings.


    • Posted by linknjoe on October 16, 2011 at 5:47 pm

      Keeping my hopes hight that it will be the best and most rewading for you. I think many will feel the energy of this eclipse.


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