“No Planets in the Solar Return Second House Says to Look Before You Leap!”

The most important concept I have learnt in life, and have always believed in, is to be forewarned is to be forearmed.  As a student of the art who believes astrology can predict the future, some may see me as pessimistic, in anticipating the possibilities of what might come into fruition.  Maybe that is the reason why I have come to behave in the manner that one should always be prepare for whatever situation one encounters.  “Be prepared” was my key word I learnt in the cub scouts.  My birth chart disposes me to see the optimistic side, to a point of being unrealistic, this aspect in my personality caused me to be concern when a fellow worker expressed his apprehensions for the financial situation in the coming year. 

Normally I would not give this a second thought because of the times we are going through, but having studied his natal chart with Jupiter and Venus on the angle of the first house which gives him the ability to see through the darkness to the light of any situation, I began to wonder what in his solar return in the coming year would indicate his concern.  His solar return chart for the New Year shows an empty second house, which immediately instilled in me a sense of caution, telling me to look before I leap to any conclusions.  Before studying Morin, I might assume that the finances would not have been a major issue to be considered in the pursuing period. 

Following Morin’s steps in delineating the solar return, it becomes obvious that the matter is nagging on him, but differently then what appears to be the reason.  The chart has almost returned back to the original position it was in, in the natal.  Venus and Jupiter have returned to the same angle, with Saturn in Libra also conjunct an angle.  The ruler of the second finance house is Venus, in a sign it is happy in.  The Sun has returned to the eleventh house of wishes, goals and friends who help him in accomplishing his goals.   All these factors points to a very important year, where things can be accomplished as the assets, the talents, the promises and the gifts given at birth will be at his finger tips, during the coming year. 

Generally a good period for everything involving profession, occupation, reputation, fortune, finances, and investing. With the natal second on the solar return ascendant, it shows concern in the area of his finances, in his possessions, in relationship to his feelings, in his abilities to nurture, in his willingness to protect and in what he considers to be within his domain and interest.  Care, caution and consideration are a necessity when he gets involved in the sharing of ideas, in working with contracts and in the signing of legal documents.  During this time the thoughts floating through the individual’s insight may appear far fetched and even quite abstract even to himself, but he needs to trust his instinct and follow his feelings, as success will be in reach, even though it doesn’t seem apparent.

New interests, unexpected directions and projects will force the individual out of his familiarity and comfort zone, leading him into new vistas, testing his confidence and intuition.  This experience will be giving him new areas in which to explore and surmount any situation in the way he does best.  The time is now for personal reassessment of the rules he judges himself by and the clarification and revision of his objectives and vision in which to integrate his rational thinking with his emotional feelings.  In this way he will be able to turn his concepts and thoughts into the reality he understands and can appreciate and work with.

With any delineation of any chart, the stars indicate the directions and energies; the individual has the freedom of choice to decide to fulfill the promise or allow the cause and the effect to make their own choices.  Whether the future indicates benefic or malefic outcomes, how we choose to live will determine the degree it will accomplish in its end results.  As the gifts and the blessings may be indicated, the final outcomes depend on the actions of the individual involved.  Even with the stars working with the individual, the person in question needs to take control of his life and to be consciously alert and to be articulate in his thoughts and action.  As with the astrologer in delineating the chart, the consultant in carrying out and fulfilling the promise of the chart, needs to look before he or she leaps into action, if success is to be achieve.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Pisces rising on October 9, 2011 at 2:35 pm

    With Pisces rising and an Aries moon (And 3 planets in Virgo) I look before I leap and often leap anyway! lol.

    My SR has Leo rising with the Sun and Venus in the 2nd house in Virgo.

    I always enjoy reading your blogs. Thanks for the insight as always,


    • Posted by linknjoe on October 9, 2011 at 5:20 pm

      Thanks for your comment and I am glad you are enjoying as I am happy to share my thoughts.


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