“The Unknown is Safer Than the Known Stresses the 4 Libra New Moon on Sept 27th”

As the different seasons appear on the horizon I began to wonder if the message stressed by the 04 Libra 00 New Moon at 4:10 a.m. PDT on September 27th 2011 emphasizing that treading the unknown may be safer and more secure then following our usual course of action will be more then subtly felt globally, then I realize or expect.  Within about a week after the autumnal equinox in which we are beginning to look forward and to anticipate the harvest of what we have planted in the spring and to celebrate and to give thanks for the abundance manifested by our labors.  So too, we look forward to see the results of our thoughts, actions and ideas we have activated earlier in the year, and to see if they have met our expectations. 

This particular Moon is the fourth in the series of Super Moons in this coming year which indicates its’ closest distance from the earth and the importance its influence may have in our lives in the coming weeks.  This New Moon is in opposition to Uranus, and is also square to Pluto, giving us a dynamic duo which will be creating a push and pull effect with a heavy shaking of everything we hold dear to our hearts.  We need to be our own Judges and advisers to instigate decisions made, instead of seating on the fence.  Hoping that all will go well, and allowing others to do the work and thinking, is no longer acceptable.  The usual and the norm have gone by the way side, and we need to think beyond and above our comfort zone and begin to make some real choices that will benefit all of us in the future.

 “The Sabian symbol for the 4th degree of Libra is taken from “The Sabian Symbols in Astrology by Marc Edmund Jones”, and what follows are my comments.

Libra 4  A group around a campfire  This is a symbol of an initial or uncritical consummation of group experience, and of the totally unconditioned capacity of each individual to associate himself with his kind without exaction or inhibition.  Implicit here is the fact that any reality broader than a simple self-concern must have its origin in common functions where any responsibility becomes the expression of identity rather than of a divergence in interest.  The keyword is amiability.  When positive, the degree is special skill in building an everyday morale and in sustaining an effective structure for further and greater objectives in life, and when negative, a lazing away of opportunity and an idle dependence on others.

This sabian symbol speaks to us of the deep feeling of unity and oneness that are invoked by true bonding of fellowship.  Creating one mind and one thought of sharing with a common cause, symbolized by the gathering of kindred spirits around the campfire. This sense and feeling of fellowship in connection with enthusiasm and optimism creates illumination and accomplishment with a common purpose and gives the energy and determination to accomplish anything it puts its mind to.  The challenge here is to work together as one for the good and success of the community and to realize there is momentum and support as a unit.  The good of the whole is dependent on each one in participating and sharing in the activity.  By working and supporting the group, we not only benefit everyone, but each individual of the group is also greatly benefited, creating optimism and enthusiasm for further accomplishments and for individual growth. 

The aspects happening in the zodiac are causing everyone to feel the need of making changes, and by spiritually and mentally joining forces, we bring into our own lives, this optimism, enthusiasm and the momentum which instills in us to take steps into the unknown to achieve the unachievable.  As the momentum of change of direction grows and expands it gathers the impetus of knowledge and illumination with respect, trust, and the camaraderie to tread the unknown with courage and confidence.  This unseen energy and force is allowing us to realize that by uniting with others, either physically, mentally, or spiritually is giving us the fellowship, and bonding to bestow upon us the courage to step into the untried.  This New Moon is not only foretelling how we may have a better future, but demanding us to realize that at this time in our lives, following the unknown is safer than the known and more productive.


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  1. I truly enjoyed your pro-active attitude, it goes well along the fact that Mercury will be joining this New Moon. The exploration of the unknown may be supported by the protective fixed star Zaniah, but on the other hand the simultaneous Saturn Venus conjunction may keep us on the “known” cautious side.


    • Posted by linknjoe on August 23, 2011 at 4:07 pm

      Thanks for your thoughts, it is greatly appreciated. I definitely am pro-active especially when it comes to defending that astrology does not predestined one’s life. It may limit our possibilities, but the freedom of choice to choose, is ours. A chart may show a life with many difficulties, but how we choose to experience it, will not eliminate the joy, satisfaction and accomplishment we can achieve. I am sure you are right about Zaniah and the Venus and Saturn conjunction, but my favorite planet would be Mercury. Mercury is the messenger, and takes no sides and is not responsible for the message that is delivered. However the way we react to the messenger and the message is how we will deal with the situation.


  2. Thanks Lincoln. Are you suggesting that the source of a message is detachable from a message and less significant than the message itself? Maybe it’s my Pluto in Virgo in fifth asking this question and being obsessed with sources of anything.

    Another reason promoting me to ask this:

    With the Mercury Retrograde the work was done on the building where I live (it’s in my 4th) just horrendously – the walls and ceiling is leaking (I guess Neptune retrograde is involved here too) and toxic asphalts shingle dust and pieces are everywhere. I’m cleaning myself as much as possible, and the management doesn’t care (Pluto retrograde?). Having a small baby, I’m presently not liking Mercury at all, no one wants to communicate about that, including Environmental Depts. (Uranus retrograde). What would you say is the deeper message here? Mercury wants us to move on? Thanks. Much Love!


    • Posted by linknjoe on August 24, 2011 at 8:53 pm

      I think you are right on target again with Pluto in Virgo, which is exactly what I am suggesting that the source and the messenger is less significant then the message. Mercury speeds around the zodiac and takes on the attributes of the sign it is in, and the aspects it makes with the other planets. By the time one understands the significance of what was said, Mercury begins to see and interpret the message differently then the way we comprehended in the first place. And as time continues, the perception we had begins to change and take on new dimensions.

      I assume by what has been said that Mercury Retrograde is in the fourth in your natal, by taking the fifth(Pluto in Virgo) as second house to the fourth, one begins to see the message it might be directing you towards. What is needed to express how your surroundings and home should express where you are at the moment? The second should demonstrate the prosperity of the first which is now the fourth. Having the right abode in a healthy environment, fulfill the requirements? Only you would know and have the answer.


  3. Great answer. Thanks!


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