“Look Beyond What You See Echoes the 20 Aquarius 41 Full Moon on Aug 13th 2011”

When the moon phases arrives each month, I find it is the right time to meditate and become still for a moment and to reflect, reenergize, revitalize and rethink what has been happening.  It gives me a chance to renew my friendship with my spiritual side and to realize that life is more then just material gain and show.  It is a moment of time I have allotted to myself to be honest and to see and understand what makes me tick and what makes a difference in my life.  I may keep these thoughts on the back burner during the rest of the month and the months to come, but I know that by reminding my self periodically, one day they will materialize into reality.  The Full Moon at 20 Aquarius 41 occurring on August13 2011 at 11:57 PDT is echoing to us to look beyond what we see, and to see things as they really are.  This phase of the moon always reminds me of a glass with half the liquid, is it half full or half empty? 

It is our attitude that determines the outcome of the answer.  The more positive we are, the more positive is the outlook and the final outcome and vice or versa.  With the moon conjunct Neptune opposite Mercury and Venus, it is telling us to see beyond the emotions of what we see and think and visualize the effects our thoughts and actions may create.  We need to see and imagine our thoughts and actions in a positive and constructive direction, which will continue to lead to new beginnings and explorations, instead of seeing the end of the road that goes nowhere.  Our greatest advantage in being positive is that through our disappointments, defeats and experience, we learn to pick ourselves up and start all over again and move forward.  Knowing these failures are only stepping stones to the success of our endeavors.  It is our positive attitude that gives us the determination and energy to continue until we reach our goals.          

“The Sabian symbol for the Moon in 21 degrees of Aquarius and for the Sun in 21 degrees of Leo is taken from “The Sabian Symbols in Astrology by Marc Edmund Jones”, and what follows are my comments.

Aquarius 21  A woman disappointed and disillusioned  This is a symbol of the inevitable distress of the human soul whenever it seeks any enduring sustainment from elements without anchorage in its own nature, dramatized in the negative symbolism by the futility of its attempted fulfillment through a capitalization on purely physical assets of self.  The deeper potentials of the being afford the real possibilities of self-discovery, and personal frustrations are a challenge to a genuine self-realization rather than a denial of opportunity.  The keyword is clearance.  When positive, the degree is the self’s inherent gift for pressing on and gaining increased powers with every setback, and when negative, the acceptance of all defeat as final.

Leo 21  Chickens intoxicated  This is a symbol of the inevitable distress of the human soul whenever it seeks stimulation from elements essentially alien to its own nature, dramatized in the reversed symbolism by the futility of a dependence on physical agency for spiritual results.  There are limitations in man’s basic make-up which he must learn to put to use other than as a justification for his various inadequacies.  They are a reason for achievement, not a cancellation of potentials.  The keyword is accentuation.  When positive, the degree is the individual’s capacity for a creative self-mobilization which will enable him to rise to the needs of every possible situation, and when negative, unnecessary bondage to externals.

These Sabian symbols reinforces the aspects the planets are making in the night sky by reminding us to look beyond ourselves, to whom we want to be and to whom we really are, and to work with what we have.  Success comes when we concentrate on what we love, know and understand, and clear out all the clutter.  Instead of relying on outside stimulants and suggestions that give us no support in our endeavors, we need to go within and concentrate on our abilities, and the knowledge and information we have accumulated.  The half full class may represent our limitations and liabilities, but by seeing these restrictions and combining them with our assets, we create opportunities and challenges that will lead to accomplishments that will bring potentials into manifestation.  To avoid any regrets this Full Moon is echoing to us, that it is our duty to ourselves to look beyond what we see in order not to place our hopes and energies on the wrong goals, thoughts and ideas.

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