“Is 2012 an End of an Epoch, Doomsday, a Wakeup Call or Karma exposed?”

With all the strange weather patterns happening around the world causing unexpected flooding and destructions, volcanic activity in the increase and earthquakes popping up in areas not its’ usual haunts.  The hullabaloo about 2012 seems more plausible and credible on the horizon in our modern age of technology and our blaze attitudes of the ancient prophesies.  As one researches the Mayan date, one begins to realize that there is no one consensus to what is the significance the Mayan astrologers applied to this time period.  Is it perhaps one cycle ending and another cycle taking its’ place?  Some theories that abound seem to have a more modern take of the doomsday wakeup call, reminiscent of the last days ofPompeiior Atlantis.  I am not sure the inhabitants of these cities had any forewarning of doom by their astrologers or soothsayers, or if they did, did it go in one ear and out the other?  It appears they were caught by surprise, or where they?  Did some see the signs on the wall and took heed to them, thereby saving themselves?  Like the bible story of old, where some wise enough to discern the truth to build their own Noah’s ark before it was too late?

It seems to me, since the Mayans were able to predict the appearance of the foreign invaders and were able to build their incredible cities as a testimony to their capabilities and has substantiated the amount of wisdom and knowledge the early invaders did not give them credit for.  Much was lost in the destruction of their cities and culture by the invading conquers.  What always seems to happen to truth, is that through time and the retelling of the verities, myths and legends become embellished to such a point, we don’t recognize what fact or truth we started with.  As an astrologer one learns and realizes as one continues with his studies, that we gain our knowledge from past efforts which we have built on and continue to build upon.  So we need to have started with the right foundation to create a strong future.  With Saturn, Pluto, Jupiter and Uranus playing out their roles in the night skies of the last few years, it is very difficult not to imagine and build upon the negative and devastating forecast and images associated with 2012.  My thoughts and feelings are never to give the negative, the power to control us, but to look at what positive steps we can take, to side step the trials and tribulations, and to avoid the worst possible scenario.

It appears to me that 2012 can be compared to the Piscean Age changing into the Aquarius Age as western astrologers see one cycle of time transforming into new beginnings of growth and understanding.  It is not my intention to say, that to begin anew is not difficult, because it does have its’ own problems and trials, but it will lead us into new areas of growth and understanding we have yet to begin to experience.  This is exemplified, by the period in our history we call the dark ages, which gradually changed into what we call the Renaissance age of renewal, growth and learning, producing the age of enlightenment.  Every cycle has its rewards, we need to be patient and endure with determination to completion to see the results of our endeavors.  As I continue to contemplate on 2012, I am becoming more convinced this is an end of an epoch and the beginning of a new one.  The doomsday prophets are using 2012 and the extreme whether patterns, physical upheavals and destructions to convince their followers of the truth of their statements.  This doom and gloom is a wakeup call for each of us to take responsibility of our decisions, and to make our own choices without following the crowd blindly.

I believe we need to take responsibility of our dealings and to realize that our actions which are the causes that create the effects.  This is what we call karma, not necessarily the Universe laying down trials and tribulations for our edification.  The definition of Karma is taken from the American Heritage dictionary is as follows “The total effect of a person’s actions and conduct during the successive phases of a person’s existence, regarded as determining the person’s destiny.”  My conclusion to 2012 is we must make up our own minds and begin to use the energies of Saturn, Jupiter and Mars to help us to create the foundation that will help us through whatever trials and tribulations this time period will bring about into each of our lives.  With Saturn giving us structure and foundation, Jupiter is giving us belief and faith, and Mars is giving us the purpose, energy and determination to carry through to the finish line.  We need to remind ourselves and to remember that the Mayans has shown and given us the impetus for the beginning of a new epoch for those with hope, a doomsday warning to some, a wake up call for others, and Karma exposed, as one of the laws of the universe stated as the cause and the effect.


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  1. Posted by Angel on December 26, 2011 at 4:36 pm

    From the second paragraph…

    ”able to build their incredible cities as a testimony to their capabilities and has substantiated the amount of wisdom and knowledge the early invaders did not give <<<>>>credit for.” SPELLING MISTAKE!! ” should be ‘them’.



  2. Posted by Angel on December 26, 2011 at 4:38 pm

    <<<>> – where these are should be ‘them’ instead of ‘then’ 😀


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