“Are the Movies Ruled by the Stars a Coincidence or Astrological Magic?”

I have three important loves in my life, which includes my spiritual and occult philosophy of life, astrology and the movies.  So it was very exciting and interesting for me to run across an article in my favorite magazine “The Mountain Astrologer” issue #156 April/May 2011 entitled “The Archetypal Eye at the Movies” by Matthew Stelzner.  The author is not only an experienced and practicing astrologer in the field of Archetypal Cosmology, but a movie buff like my self with a website and blog entwining his two loves with a lot of very interesting articles.  My spiritual and occult thoughts are the essence of my being, my astrology is my meditation in life, and the movies are my comfort foods when I feel stressed or need to relax.  Unlike Mr. Stelzner, when I watch a movie I am doing it to relax and to get away from it all.  If I do analyze the film at all consciously, it would be like a movie critic on its content and how well it was executed.  After reading his piece, I will never look at the movies again without relating my astrological knowledge and wisdom to it.

Mr. Stelzner revolves his piece around three of the important movies of the year 2010, starting with “The Social Network” with its archetypal connection with the Jupiter and Uranus aspect, relating the themes of sudden rapid success and expansion (Striking It Rich), glorification of technology, success with technology, the celebrated genius, victorious rebellion/revolution, the ego-inflated rebel, etc.  “The King’s Speech” with the Mercury and Pluto aspect emphasizing the premise of “Finding your Voice” and all the implications this aspect expresses in relationship of the King to his father, family, friends and to the responsibility to his country as sovereign.  The “Black Swan”, he connects with the Venus and Saturn aspect with a touch of Pluto, showing the transformation of Natalie Portman from the White Swan to the more passionate and sexually charged Black Swan, because of her determination, fortitude and passion.  One needs to read the article in full, to come away from his piece of writing with awe and amazement of how everything in the Universe is connected, synchronized and related to each other.  After reading this article by Matthew Stelzner, I assure you, that one will never see the movies or astrology in the same light again.

This article made my little grey cells, to do some non-stop thinking about how else I could apply astrology to the movies, and I wondered if Mr. Stelzner had set up a chart for the date of the premiere of each movie, to see if the archetypal planets were in strategic positions for the honor and accolade that each film received?  Then I wondered why can’t I set up a chart, or had any astrologer created a birth chart for the date of the first official opening of a film?  It sounds silly, but we do set up charts for countries and companies, why not for a film?  Why not, was the repeating argument in my mind, as to understand what impact the movie would make with the public and the most important thought; will it be successful and profitable for the producers and all involved?  My problem I have with most people who set up election charts (the right and favorable time to begin anything) is that we want a yes or no or black and white answer, instead of looking and delineating to see what the problems and assets are connected to the situation.  Sometimes the official opening of a film or any project for that matter is not within our control, so having a chart of the event will give us a clue to what is and might be happening.  As I have always said, being forewarned is being forearmed.  I have never felt that astrology predestined our lives, what I am certain is that it gives us the freedom of choice within boundaries.  Understanding our circumstances, liabilities, and assets gives us the control to choose the direction and outcome we want to achieve.  I don’t feel there are coincidences in life or the movies, but the outcome is always through the magic and wonderment of the stars.


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