“The House Through Its’ Lord and Ruler Sees the World Through 3 D Glasses!”

As I continue my journey into astrology, it continues to prove there is a Supreme Being that governs this universe.  With the study of this occult art, when one comes to the end of the road, a new path in the shrubs appears, and if one is courageous enough to plow through the bush to the other side, a whole new world is on the horizon, awaiting one.  With the study of the stars one must not only be adventurous in exploring the new areas, but also remember where we came from, and to study the old classics.  In this modern fast paced world, it is easy in ignoring and simplifying the steps to reach a final conclusion.  I must admit that when one applies all the rules and aphorisms that come with the old school in this modern age, the answer may not come fast enough before the deed is done.  But giving up on the time honored method is not a solution either and we need to improvise without loosing the essence of the delineation of the chart.

One of Morin’s rules for the solar return is to always look for the ruler of the ascendant to help point and clarify what might be important in the coming year.  I have used this rule for all the houses in the natal chart and it has given a subtle and accurate prediction of the situation that which I never expected.  It seems to me that looking through the eyes of the Lord and Ruler of the house and sign it is in, is like looking through 3 D glasses, a whole new world is revealed.  How the Lord and Ruler see his subjects, and how his subjects, the planets in the house, see and react to their Lord.  I have never been able to really relate to the word, Lord or Ruler, but when I replaced the word with CEO, manger or supervisor, suddenly stories of what is happening in the house is made plain.  Is the manager happy in its position, and in what department or division is he working with?  Is the manger working well in the house he is in, and is he in good relations to his workers?  Do the workers feel the manager is working on their behalf and for the company?  Is there some sort of reception or aspect between the manager and the workers?

As one can see by exploring these areas in a more detailed and modern way, one’s delineation of a chart becomes more colorful, clearer and dimensional in what is happening to the individual and his complexities.  The outcome is never simply black and white, but the whole hue of the colors of grey, which in this day and age is a truer interpretation of what is going on in our lives.  Another thing I noticed is that when a transit aspects the Ruler, even though it is not in its own house, the house is somewhat effected.  I have also noticed that if a transit aspect a planet that is either malefic or benefic to the Ruler, the house will be affected slightly in ways not expected.  It is like the manager that has been given a bonus for work well done, how do the workers feel?  Are they also rewarded?  Or if the manager is laid off, how does this affect the worker under his supervision?  Seeing the planets and their reaction in this light, gives us a clearer picture and a delineation of the chart with insight and compassion.  So my advice for a chart interpretation for others or yourself is to prepare the delineation with empathy, concern and wisdom, by putting on your 3 D glasses and to see through the eyes and mind of the Ruler and the Lord of the different houses.


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