“Does a Stellium of Planets Indicate Difficulties or Blessings or a Lesson in Life?”

As the world turns and the events and dramas of the global community plays out through the social networks and news agencies around the planet, we begin to realize how small our space has become.  The financial and social unrest that is happening everywhere is creating some changes, is slowly spreading across the continents in countries we would least expect to hear about.  The unrest began in the west with social outcries and demonstrations with the financial cuts due to the economical downturn, here in America and in Europe spreading to Tunisia and Egypt and eventually globally, as economical, social and political instability.  As an astrologer, these changes can be predicted with the difficult aspects we have been having within the last few years and with the upcoming aspect of Uranus entering the sign of Aries and Neptune into Pisces.  One other aspect which caught my attention during the recent unrest was the stellium of planets (three or more planets in one sign), which I found interesting and intriguing as I have this arrangement with five in Gemini in my natal chart.

I first stumble upon this aspect with my introduction to astrology with my first astrological reading from a very competent astrologer.  He explained to me that once I was convinced of something I would be very determined to finish the project with a lot of energy and effort and that it indicated a major theme which would continually appear and be present in my life.  He also told me that whether it was good or bad news, it would always hit me like a thunder bolt, all at once, one after another.  Having to live with this all my life, my thoughts of how beneficial or malefic this configuration is, has left me breathless and speechless, as I feel this aspect incorporates difficulties, blessings and lessons for me to learn from.  The three are separate, but yet united as one, because one is not experienced without the others, involved in some way.  One may experience them in a different lineup and at different times, but eventually all three will show themselves. 

The stellium reminds me of being born on the exact day of a holiday where gifts are given, instead of receiving gifts given to you twice a year; one is overwhelm with gifts all at once.  One needs to experience this phenomenon to understand what is going on with the individual when an aspect, good or bad is generated.  The problem with experiencing everything at once, one doesn’t really live the moment, one is just carried through the euphoria, without understanding, learning or gaining wisdom from the experience.  It is through hindsight that wisdom and gain is generated from the incident, especially in my case.  Experiencing everything at once is like having all your wishes granted for one day, and you don’t know which you will try first in the limited time you have.  It is also like the three wishes that will be granted by the genie, how wise will we be in our wishes?  Unless one has to go through a moment of choice without a second chance to change one’s decision, one will never comprehend how wise or foolish we might be, until we are tempted.

In relating this to what is happening globally and personally, this concentration of energy and determination brings the subject matter to a climax with an urgent need and responsibility to see it to completion and success.  With everything aim in one direction, the cause and completion of the project takes on its own energy and life to the end, and begins to take us along for the ride.  This force of energy may help us to complete our objectives, but we need to override the exhilaration and be responsible for our decisions and have the foresight, of the end results and its consequences.  If we are responsible and take charge of the moment, whether the results are favorable or not, we will have learnt and grown from the experience.  This aspect is guiding us to concentrate and accomplish a major wish or desire that has been on the back burners, to be materialized into reality.  When we see this stellium of planets in aspect to our natal chart, we must be aware of the concentrated energies, and work with it.  Knowing the force is with you, and realizing that difficulties, blessings and lessons come with it, you have lived the moment and grown.


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