“A Good Astrology Reading is had when we Comprehend the Reason for the Question!”

My favorite astrology magazine has a continuing section called “compare your skills with the Pros, TMA’s Chart challenge”, and in “The Mountain Astrologer issue #188 Feb/Mar 2011, the question was suggested by a participant “I would like some insights into my Saturn Return and the current transits to my natal cardinal t-square”.  With her birth chart in hand, the question then is given to two astrologers and their conclusions are in another section of the magazine, giving the reader a chance to come up with their own scenario.  I always enjoy reading the different view points of the two astrologers in this section of the magazine as they arrive at their conclusions from different sides of the question.  Some look from the front door, others from the back and others from the windows or from the top of the ceilings.  The important thing is that they arrive at the same conclusion. 

This particular question made me wonder if the question was not correctly understood by the querent.  Not that the question was not understood, but the specific question was not voiced by the question.  In a horary reading the time of the chart is expressed when the astrologer comprehends the question the querent has given him.  Maybe the questions we ask are sometimes too vague to warrant a good answer.  My first thought, was the question was too general, and not specific enough.  Why was she asking the question?  Was something happening that she thought might have been brought about, by the up coming Saturn Return and the T-square?  Was her fear about what the return would bring about, in her consciousness that brought about the question? 

My thoughts came about as both astrologers and I came up the conclusion that relationships and their meaning and purpose was making a lifestyle change for the individual.  Saturn Returns brings about transitions, processing and reprocessing situations and reinvention and rejuvenating one’s style of living.  This does not necessarily mean a divorce, if the person was still married or together with someone, but the ideas and concept of their relationship might take a new turn in a direction, not explored before.  Obviously she understood and experienced the natal cardinal T-square and was wondering how it would be reactivated in her life now.  Seeing that thoughts about relationships seem important to her at this time, I thought to myself if her question was more concentrated in this area, her ability to successfully work through this Return period would be more to her satisfaction and happiness. 

This made me think that when we ask questions of astrologers, or even look at our own charts, are our questions too vague to receive a good answer?  Or are the answers we are seeking, not the same as the questions we asked?  If so, are we deluding ourselves that by being more general in our questions, the answers will still show up in the charts?  It seems to me if we are more specific and certain about what we want to know about our circumstances, the more accurate the answer will be.  Then it came to me, it is not how specific we are with our question, but whether we really comprehend our own questions and what answers we are looking and hoping for, that is important.  When we decide we want to know something about our natal chart, are the little voices so numerous in our mind that the real questions gets overloaded with so many thoughts, that the simple direct question disappears? 

I think this is what happens, we come up with a direct question, but our doubts and frustrations color our thoughts and we no longer recognize our direct and simple thought we originally had.  This can be illustrated by a reading I gave a friend several months back because she had been out of work because of illness and death in the family and thought she wanted to know when she would be employ again, even though she did need to do so immediately.  The solar return chart indicated something else was the priority, and during the session my friend admitted that this was so.  The key is if we want an answer to help us, we need to comprehend what we really want to know.  The reason for the question and the question itself, becomes more important then the answer.


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  1. The key is if we want an answer to help us, we need to comprehend what we really want to know.
    Completely agree.


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