“Relocating for Career Potential and Success an Impossible Quest or is it the Key?”

As far as I can remember I have always been artistically inclined and have enjoyed surrounding myself with students, artists, musicians, et cetera, as I enjoy the mental stimulus and the exposure to culture and the arts.  This allows my mind to grow and to accept new ideas and thoughts more easily and it gives me the opportunity to see beyond my limited area I call my space.  When I located a place to live near a city college and state university, I was quite happy to be in the center of all this energy and to allow it to take me into worlds of ideas I never would have thought about.  As the financial recession in the past few years is making an impact on this community, the imagination and excitement has taken their toll.  The students graduating are finding it difficult to find jobs in areas of their expertise.  A student about to graduate this spring was telling me that he was thinking of continuing his education to get his Masters and that by the time he received his degree, the job market should be in better shape.

This got me to thinking, about those people out of work with or without college education or trade and who are finding it difficult to find employment, what options do they have?  As an astrologer I believe the answer is always in the chart, one way or another.  One choice that quickly came to mind was to relocate to an area that would be more productive and conducive to their career.  This is often not an easy alternative because of family, friends and responsibilities one encounters in life.  Many graduates have less baggage then most who have been working for awhile, but still find it to be a major and difficult decision to make, leaving behind everything that gives them comfort.  Thinking about this I remember when I was younger and had decided on a career, my choices was easier as I needed to relocate from my place of birth if I was to pursue my dreams.  Luckily for me, the decision was between two cities.  The Universe must have been behind me and directed me to the right city, for with hindsight the location not only had opened doors into everything life has to offer but also allowed me to be open to other thoughts and ideas I was not familiar with.

If one was to decide to relocate to find employment, what would be the best way to go about it?  I have decided to place myself in the shoes of a recent graduate with no prospects insight, and to see what steps I would need to take to insure success in this endeavor.  As an astrologer I have encounter people who would relocate for a couple of days during their birthdays, if their solar return for that year is shown to be a difficult year, to a location that had brighter prospects.  Using astrology they found the place that seems to bring about better results.  These people are convinced this method works, and if this works, why would it not work to find the right place for career success?  There are astrologers trained in helping one to relocate to an area that would be most productive for the individual.  My first step would be to consult one of the certified practitioners to see what cities I needed to concentrate my efforts on. 

If I felt confident enough in my own astrological skills I would buy and study “Evaluating Astro*Carto*Graphy Maps – Finding The Best Places to Live & Travel” by Elliot Jay Tanzer.  I recommend this book as it is well written and well organized.  Having decided what city was my choice and first pick, I would begin to send out resumes and learn everything I could about the place.  Living with the internet and the search engines, information and addresses are at one’s finger tips.  My next step would be to visualize that I was being sought after by the best company in the area.  At the same time I would still be knocking on doors locally and working on innovative ways to make my resume stand out.  Reading everything in my field of choice is a must, and to be up to date of all new developments concerning my area of proficiency.  Now after all that work, one must allow the Universe to do its part in the adventure. 

In this new adventure I am not saying one is required to relocate without a job, what I am saying is that one can send out resumes, until an employment offer is on the horizon.  When the company is willing to pay for your expenses for an interview, then you know the company is serious in finding the best person for the position.  When the job offer is definitely on the horizon, it is then one truly needs to decide whether you really want, and are willing to relocate, and the reason for it.  The important thing is that if one decides to take the job, one will gain experience and in time will find the right situation in the city of your choice.  Relocation for one’s vocation may bring more blessings then material success and many unexpected happiness, in areas one never thought possible.  My personal opinion is that relocating is not for everyone, but for those who will undertake it, and it maybe the key to their success, and not the impossible quest.


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