“The Yin and Yang of Astrology is Being Aware of the Cycles of Light and Darkness”

As the winter months approach, and one year ends and another begins, and the nights become longer and darker.  We have the opportunity to go within and meditate on what we need, and what we would like to accomplish and change in the coming year.  As there is such a contrast of the light of the day and the dark of the night, I began to concentrate on the opposites in astrology, and how I may use them to my advantage.  In this fast paced world of the internet age everything is black or white, you are either on one side of the situation or on the other side.  This was a dilemma for me, for how was I to work with both sides and come to a point in the situation that would be beneficial to that which I was working on?

Fortunately, because of my background the concept of the Yin and Yang was not alien to me, and the ideas of opposites fell right into place and worked well with astrology.  The Yin and Yang concept is widely accepted in the Asian communities as two opposites or opposing forces that are bounded together, intertwined and interdependent to one another.  Yang is represented by the white portion of the symbol with an essence of Yin within its psyche representing positive energies, masculinity, hot, dry, powerful, and daytime amongst other attributes.  Yin on the other hand is represented by the black with an essence of the Yang within its psyche representing feminism, receiving, protecting, wet, cold, nighttime and et cetera.  The Yin and Yang expresses the need for balance and equilibrium, and the opposing forces united as one.  The rise of the Yang will see the fall of the Yin and vice versa.  Hence the separation between the Yang and the Yin is not a straight line, but a curve showing the variation of gray between the two opposites.  With this symbol, there is no absolute right or wrong, but depends on one’s perspective and choice in handling any situation one faces.

In applying this concept to the houses and the ruler of the house to the opposite houses are my thoughts and observations I have made through the years in my love and study of this ancient art.

First and Seventh houses:

Mars the ruler of the first house and Aries are opposite the Venus the ruler of the seventh house and Libra.  Mars full of energy and action can be overbearing and is balanced by Venus, the goddess of beauty and orderliness.  Venus exemplifies culture and the arts and our relationships, but without the energy of Mars, it would not become reality.

Second and Eighth houses:

Venus the ruler of the second house and Taurus are opposite Mars and Pluto the rulers of the eighth house and of Scorpio.  Venus gives us the appreciation of the material and culture, and Mars helps us with the desire to bring it into reality and maintain it, and Pluto gives it a life of its own.  Mars gives us intensity in all our relationships and possessions, but without the love of Venus, it would be destroyed by the energy of Mars and Pluto.

Third and Ninth houses:

Mercury the ruler of the third house and Gemini are opposite Jupiter the ruler of the ninth house and Sagittarius.  Mercury allows us to be the messenger of our thoughts, and Jupiter allows us to say something that is meaningful, otherwise we may only repeat what we hear.  Jupiter allows us to develop a philosophy and ideology, and Mercury allows us to share it with others.

Fourth and Tenth houses:

Moon the ruler of the fourth house and Cancer are opposite Saturn the ruler of the tenth house and Capricorn.  The Moon gives us the ability to nurture our surroundings and build upon it, and Saturn gives us structure.  Saturn in the tenth can alienate others from our cause and support, without the love and concerns of the Moon we would be unsuccessful among our peers.

Fifth and eleventh houses:

Sun the ruler of the fifth house and Leo are opposite Saturn and Uranus the rulers of the eleventh house and Aquarius.  The Sun gives us the energy and the personality to bring others to us, and Saturn and Uranus gives us structure and adaptability to all we encompass.  Saturn and Uranus gives us hopes, friends and wishes, the Sun gives us the energy to make it happen.

Sixth and twelfth houses:

Mercury the ruler of the sixth house and Virgo are opposite Jupiter and Neptune the rulers of the twelfth house and Pisces.  Mercury gives us the understanding and communicative abilities to relate to others, and Jupiter and Neptune give our thoughts and ideas depth and vision.  With Jupiter and Neptune in the twelfth, the sacred and the mysteries of our beliefs have new meaning and Mercury helps to incorporate those ideas into our modern living.

What we see is that opposites maybe opposing, but with ingenuity we can bring about reconciliation along the curve of the Yang and Yin and arrive at a point where these two opposites are a benefic in anything we wish to accomplish.  By meditating on this symbol with any problem, tribulation and situation, our higher intuition and self will come up with an answer that we can work with to achieve our final goals.  It is through the understanding of the cycles of light and darkness between the Yin and the Yang, that the opposites will be reconcile and bring peace of mind and success in any project we bring to fruition.


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  1. Posted by Luna on December 20, 2010 at 9:17 am

    Thanks. Especially helpful to me as my houses are all reversed, eg, Libra is 1st and Aries 7th, so finding balance seems extra tricky.


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