“Compassion for Oneself Shouts the New Moon at 13 Scorpio 40 on Nov 5 2010”

As the New Moon at 13 Scorpio 40 approaches at 9:52 p.m. PDT on November 5th 2010, I began to remind myself why I pay attention to these phases of the Moon.  Although our natal chart emphasizes certain signs and houses, we as a Divine creation, contain and express all the elements and energies of all the signs and the houses.  At this time we have chosen certain aspects to concentrate on, and although the moon periods may not aspect our natal charts directly, they subtly have an influence in how we see things.  Depending on the House and where the natal Sun and Moon are, the moon colors our ideas and thoughts, in a way we will never see it the same, again.  This Scorpio Moon is compelling us to go within our sacred place where the feminine and the masculine intertwine to allow compassion and respect for ourselves and others to find a place and position in our daily lives.  It is the ability to have the compassion and respect for ourselves first, that we are able to express these qualities to others.  It is this asset that allows us to see things as they really are, because our compassion allows us to forgive, and in forgiving we release the culpability and become more communicative to ourselves and others.  By going into our sacred spiritual inner sanctum we give permission to the masculine facet of our personality to demand the compassion and respect for ourselves in which we deserve, and we allow the feminine aspect to receive and confer these attributes.  By being clear of mind, our abilities to communicate to ourselves and to others what is needed to be done will be assured.  With clear and precise communications, our abilities to decide clearly our real desires and wishes for the future will have more of a chance to become reality.

“The Sabian symbol for the 14th degree of Scorpio is taken from “The Sabian Symbols in Astrology by Marc Edmund Jones”, and what follows are my comments.

Scorpio 14  Telephone linemen at work  This is a symbol of the interconnection which links all phases of existence with all others, and of man’s special genius for expanding the relationship between the most widely separated and distinctive aspects of experience.  Implicit in the symbolism is a responsibility on the part of all higher life for all lower, and a faithfulness of all lesser things to the requirements of the greater.  Here is emphasis on self-specialization as the root mode of all individual being.  The keyword is attachment.  When positive, the degree is an effective penetration of human competence into each pertinent complex of everyday living, and when negative, unnecessary concern over the affairs of others.

The Sabian symbol explanation is so timely considering the financial difficulties still looming on the horizon, with no end in sight.  As we are about to enter winter with the cold lonely nights, the thought of being in touch with others through open communication is very reassuring and calming to the soul.  Our only problem is if there is blockage, no matter what the cause, causing a breakdown of our interconnection, and loosing the power and calming effect that unity brings with it.  This is exemplified within the individual when compassion, respect and the ability to forgive oneself is not practiced and lived by the individual, then the blockage of guilt, jealousy and fear interferes with the intercommunication between our conscious and our subconscious.  When we are unable to be honest to ourselves, our ability to be honest and open to others is hindered.  The difficult aspects in the Zodiac for the last year have been pointing to the essential truth and wisdom, that unless we work together as one in unison, our efforts will be in vain.  We must be able to amicably communicate truthfully, with the ability to compromise with one another in open communication if we are to succeed in whatever we put our mind to.  To accomplish and fulfill our dreams and goals, we need to take the first small steps toward compassion and respect for ourselves, and then everything else will fall into place.


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