“Betwixt and Between is the 29 Aries 32 Full Moon On October 22 2010”

At 6:38 p.m. PDT on October 22, 2010 at 29 Aries 32 is the first of five Full Moons in a row that occurs in the last degree of an astrological sign.  We are experiencing the end of one way of thinking about things as we come to the final end of a sign in the zodiac, and are beginning a different view point as we approach and enter a new sign.  This is the sacred portal where the past and the future can be observed simultaneously.  It is the betwixt and the between of the two worlds of what was, and to what it might or can be depending on the actions we continue, or change.  Aries is proclaiming “I am” here and the essence of being is felt with energy, enthusiasm and action.  With Taurus stating “I have” the need to possess and have possessions which defines who and what I am, as well as a being who thinks. This Full Moon is reminding us to encompass unconditional love in all our dealings, projects and relationships, and at the same time we need to let go when the time comes.  In the past year the aspects have indicated that change needed to take place in our lives, and if this has not happen because of our old habits which are unfortunately hard to get rid of.  This period of time demands us to take action, and no matter how painful or difficult, to let go of the old and make room for the new.  We need to define or redefine who we are and what direction we need to take, as we can no longer follow others blindly on good faith.

“The Sabian symbol for the Moon in 30 degrees of Aries and for the Sun in 3o degrees of Libra is taken from “The Sabian Symbols in Astrology by Marc Edmund Jones”, and what follows are my comments.

Aries 30  A duck pond and its brood  This is a symbol of the eternal fitness of things, provided the individual take the fullest advantage of the cosmic ordering.  Implicit in the symbolism is man’s ability to establish his world of experience according to his own needs, and to function effectively because he has the acumen to align himself with his own genius and to seek a personal satisfaction in a simple efficacy of being himself.  The keyword is reliability.  When positive, the degree is an accustomed competency or ease in dealing with immediate circumstances, and when negative, a tendency toward provincialism or an acceptance of life with an altogether uncritical complacency.

Libra 30  Three mounds of knowledge on a philosopher’s head  This is a symbol of the eternal fitness of things, as it lies within man’s power to comprehend this for his own special guidance.  Implicit in the symbolism is a challenge to each individual to develop full and equal potentialities of skills, allegiances and ideals, and to recognize cosmic order through its manifestation in his own person and affairs.  In this fashion he comes to know the world, and thereupon is able to anticipate the ways of its going.  The keyword is prescience.  When positive, the degree is a perfected integrity of self and an exceptional gift for furthering all progress, and when negative, a fatuous pride in mere intellect.

When we begin to experience and appreciate the essence of our being and its connection and purpose with the Universe, we will then begin to understand, to recognize, to fulfill and to bring into reality to its fullest potential, our goals and wishes within the cosmic order of this world.  It is in knowing and recognizing that nothing can be materializing into this planet without following the rules, the regulations and the order of the Universe.  It is the gift and the magic that allows us to enter the sacred portal of betwixt and between that we are able to glimpse our spiritual connection with the Universe and our place in the Divine scheme of things.  Understanding this, provides us with the competency and ease to deal with any situation for further progress as we continue our journey in this life.

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