“Blast from the Past that has Last is Horary Astrology in Today’s World”

William Lilly

As an advocate that astrology should be considered a serious study with implications of it’s’ ability to forecast correctly, and that if any branch of the art that can provide evidence of the accuracy of it’s’ predictions, is exciting.  Being a member of several horary study groups, I can attest to some amazing predictions that have proven to be very correct, and incredibly enlightening in it’s’ perception of the circumstances and situations of the matter.  Horary astrology is an ancient branch of the art in which an astrologer attempts to answer a question by constructing a horoscope for the exact time at which the question was received and understood by the astrologer.  The system is an outstanding and a very exacting tool to get insights into situations and possibilities of a variety of subjects, objects and thoughts, because it deals with specific questions and replies with specific answers.  Exact birth data of the querent is not required to provide insights into dealing with problems and difficult situations.  In a horary chart, we the participants have a choice in the matter to choose whatever actions we wish to take, according to the potential successes or problems that are revealed by the chart.  The keyword is “forewarned is forearmed” because the information between success and failure in any endeavor is how we use it to achieve what we desire.   Major contributors to western horary astrology were William Lily, known in the English speaking world as the authority and father of Horary, along with John Dee, John Gadbury, Morin and a host of other writers whose works from around the ancient world were translated into English.  Many modern writers and scholars need to be included in this list in bringing this subject matter to the masses.  My endeavors to get this practice under my belt have caused me to search and read as much as I have time for, and as of late with my second study and reading of the following book, which I feel has help me a lot to understand how it works and functions.

To give you a little background of how I discovered this author, will allow you to understand how this person has affected my thinking, and have given me fuel to continue my studies with the translations of ancient writers of the art.  I find reading the earlier translations very difficult, but with some of the written material of today’s writers on the subject, I am able to bulldoze my way through some of the difficult text until I begin to absorb it.  I have a love for solar returns because I feel it can be very helpful in giving indications of the important areas in any new year that will be important to work on.  I ran across the author’s book on solar returns which included his interpretation of the aphorism of my favorite author, Morin.  His book was so well written to my way of thinking, and in discovering that he wrote a book on horary; I couldn’t wait to read it.  In reading this book, it definitely met my expectations and more.  The book is “Horary Astrology Plain & Simple by Anthony Louis”, and if you are interested in the subject matter, I wouldn’t walk to the book store, but run to it.  I would like to caution you, that after reading this book, one may think you are capable of giving readings, but I have learnt the hard way that only more studies on the subject, and the old saying “ practice makes perfect” is really true.

The important attributes of this book is how he organized and arranged, how he presents the materials, charts, tables, and information to the reader.  Although he is a modern thinking astrologer, he has included traditional astrological materials for the reader’s edification, to give a broader interpretation to the material presented.  I am not saying other books on the subject shouldn’t also be read, but I think one should start with this one first, where everything is laid out like Horary 101, and then the other authors will be clearer and better absorbed.  If we are to become the astrologers we hope to become, the foundation of Horary is very important in the delineation of any type of chart.  What horary techniques can give in our natal chart delineations would be a broader and more perceptive and caring interpretation of what is at hand.  Horary tells us to keep things simple, and in its simplicity, delineation can be extremely enlightening and awakening then one can realize.  To see life and its problems like little children, will give us a different viewpoint in which to solve our problems.  Horary astrology definitely is a blast from the past that will not only last, but will bring new vision and insight to everything we hold dear to our hearts.


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