“Jupiter and Saturn Hides a Minefield Which May Destroy Our Dreams”


One of the reasons I began studying astrology, was trying to determine the direction my life path should take, and why some people with certain talents, never fulfilled what I thought where their destiny.  After many years of study, I realized there was no simple explanation the path an individual takes in life, and though we may think our astrological chart is a map carved in stone, however each individual has a free will to make subtle changes that could make the situation better or worst.  Why was it that some where given or blessed with more then others, and didn’t seem to benefit from it?   While others given less and yet have ended up happier, or was it the ability of the individual to take what he was given, and what he did with it, that created the outcome?  My other thoughts on the matter was why some went to see astrologers, and came out of the consultation with a direction and determination to make their destiny, while others came out of the session just to fulfill what was said?  Why did some seeking information through the internet, seem to want to just take the advice as stated, instead of integrating the information into their own life style and thinking, to come up with something that would really work for them?  Aspects always tend to work a certain way if given perfect conditions, but in reality, perfect conditions do not exit.  Any aspect can have subtle or drastic outcomes depending on what is happening in each individual chart.

As I ponder theses thoughts I came to the realization, it was the attitude and nature of each individual, which seem to be determined by the planets Jupiter and Saturn that seems to determine the amount of happiness and satisfaction each individual would achieve in their life time.  Notice, I didn’t say success, as I feel success is in the eye of the beholder, and that each of us measure success in different ways.  What might amount to success to onlookers, might be very different to the person we see as successful.  How we see our situation is how we tend to navigate a course to achieve the goals we wish for.  It doesn’t matter whether our attitude is positive or negative; our thoughts attract like thoughts, and create without needing directions from us.  If our thoughts are positive, it will attract positive situations, and allow us to see opportunities that present themselves and to take advantage of the moment.  Negative thoughts on the other hand are so busy multiplying, that when opportunities or what most people call luck are on the horizon, it passes us by without being notice because of our attention to insignificant details.  What we need to do is to understand how Jupiter and Saturn functions in our charts, and to work with it, to achieve our hearts desire.  Saturn is how we categorize and deal with obstacles and challenges in our path, and Jupiter is our ability to persevere through the straight and narrow path of our higher thoughts and philosophies in which to guide us to the light at the end of the tunnel.  Jupiter gives us hope and understanding in the structure and limitations that Saturn imparts in our decision making to reach the goals ahead of us.

In order to understand Saturn and Jupiter, we need to go back to the Basic’s 101 with Traditional Astrology and see what the ancients attribute to these planets, the signs, and the houses they are in.  Is the planet happy in the sign and house it is in, and are they performing at their highest potential?  If not, is there an aspect with another planet, house or angle that will give a clue to what might help it to do better then expected?  Saturn in Traditional Astrology is considered malefic, but how malefic is it, and what would lessen the energy and destructiveness?  Working with these two planets is like working with any other difficulties and situations in one’s life.  If you have decided your appearance isn’t to your liking, you either go to an expert, or read up on it, to gain the information to make the necessary changes in your appearance.  You don’t get upset with the circumstances; you work towards what one can do to make the situation more to one’s preference.  The same is true with Jupiter and Saturn, we must understand them to understand what is needed to get where we want to be.  Without doing this, negative thoughts can become prevalent, and the mind can create a minefield of destructive thoughts that will destroy our hopes and dreams.


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