“Mercury Retrograde on August 20th 2010 Retrospection or a Step Back into the Void?”

The forever messenger and traveler, Mercury enters with gusto into Retrograde, on Saturday August 20, 2010 in 19 Virgo 23 through Sunday, September 12, 2010 in 5 Virgo 21 in the mutable sign it rules.  The ruler of my chart is Mercury, so I tend to have a fondness for this planet in whatever state it is in and do not have the fear and uneasiness, most people have when it appears to retrograde.  My biggest concern with retrograde is not with the planet, but our concepts and apprehensions we have built up through time, about what might happen to us when we go through this period.  Having experienced this phenomenon many times, I can attest to the fact that if one is cautious, alert and aware of what is happening at the moment, one has nothing to fear, but fear itself.  I began to think about how horary astrologers see any retrograde as a returned and revisited situation, as a need and necessity to clarify past circumstances and actions, to bring future success to fruition.  These thoughts made me wonder if Mercury Retrograde was a blessing in disguise to give us time out of our busy modern schedules for introspection and retrospection, to clarify our intentions by energizing the power behind our words and thoughts.  We must place into action the accepted wisdom that we can create the future by living the moment to the fullest with intention, or take the action to step into the void and begin with fresh new ideas and thoughts without the cumbersome baggage of doubts and misgivings.

“The Sabian symbol for the 20th degrees and the 6th degrees of Virgo are taken from “The Sabian Symbols in Astrology by Marc Edmund Jones”, and what follows are my comments.

Virgo 20  An automobile caravan  This is a symbol of nature’s prodigality as revealed through man’s genius for multiplying the facilities of modern life, and for pyramiding the expectancies which will interest an enlightened individual.  Experience is on the move in a civilized society, since everyone has been encouraged to heed his visions and to claim increasing rewards for the skill he develops.  Self goes out very courageously to meet its world, and as a result finds it has brought a cosmos to its doorstep.  The keyword is variety.  When positive, the degree is an exceptional capacity for creating a greater promise and producing expanded dividends in every area of human activity, and when negative, improvidence and restlessness.

Virgo 6  A Merry-go-round  This is a symbol of a cyclic and necessary intensification of any personal being, as emphasized on the side of normal or everyday experience.  Pleasure is the simplest possible form of creative exchange, and it always encourages and refines the individual’s range of potentiality.  Here is receptiveness to every turn of opportunity to be found in the immediate situation, and a willingness to attempt its demonstration.  The keyword is diversion.  When positive, the degree is endless and happy resourcefulness in a constant reorientation of self to meet varying exigencies of life, and when negative, a continuous and senseless ricochet from one to another meaningless phase of self-expression.

The planet Mercury gives structure and sense to our abilities to communicate ideas and thoughts with one another, in which understanding complex concepts can be materialized into the physical world.  With Mercury Retrograde it is asking each one of us to review, to reclaim, to rethink, to reenergize what has gone before and to allow the planet to work its magic with words and thoughts to create the world we wish to participate in.  Our ability to create is also our ability to duplicate, and success comes from variations and variety which continues to excite the mind to develop further ideas to titillate the imagination.  Retrograde is demanding us to live the moment with joy and enthusiasm, if we are to avoid mistakes, frustrations, trials and tribulations in the future.  This is the time to use the Retrograde like a New Moon period to meditate, review, reorganize and to see what is really important to us which would make us happy.  To live life everyday as if we are always going to an amusement park, where the horses on the Merry-go-round are our ideas, thoughts and creations.  Mercury Retrograde is a time for retrospection and to step back into the void, where every moment of life is well lived, experienced and enjoyed.


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