“Saturn Opposite Uranus Square Pluto ▬ Change, Return or Back to Square One?”

As the aspects of Saturn Opposite Uranus square Pluto continues its’ play in the night sky, the results of it’s’ action is felt in every part of our lives.  From the spill in the Gulf Coast to the World Soccer Championships and to everyday incidents, the unexpected is taking its toll on our world.  The weather patterns across the globe has shown us not to expect the norm, otherwise our expectations will be dashed to smithereens.  The only norm at the moment is not to expect business as usual, but to always expect the unusual or the unexpected.  The Universe is telling us that during this period what we thought was a safe bet can no longer be relied upon.  This made me wonder, as an astrologer indicating these aspects as a symbol of change, was a bit too vague, and we needed to be more clear in what areas this change may happen in our lives.  Just changing our thinking and our way of life without thinking about the results of our actions is irresponsible, and may bring more damage, then good to our welfare.  Seeing what we really wanted and needed, in relationship to our surroundings is more of a sure bet, with Pluto on the scene.  Knowing what we really want and need in this age of the internet is more complicated then we really realize or understand.  Peer pressure seems more prevalent now, that we seem to need to conform to the wants of those who encircle us, then to our own personal wishes and requirements.  I am emphasizing here our real personal needs and desires, and not our selfish, greedy needs.  We need to have the yearning and the motivation to explore our real inner hopes and its’ impact on our surroundings.

Dwelling on this I realize that my own needs in astrology and my personal philosophy and way of life have returned back to the traditional and classical origins and to the old masters that really knew their subject matter.  My spiritual philosophy must not only give me peace of mind et cetera, but also be practical, to be practiced everyday in my daily life.  My study in astrology must not only predict and have a reason and logic and a systematic approach to it’s’ delineation of a chart, and not just be a new system in vogue that has no lineage and appears to predict haphazardly.  Although I do not consider myself a traditional astrologer, I am definitely moving towards it, and have included more areas for my consideration as I do delineations of any chart.  I realize I am going towards these areas, because they provide me a comfort zone that makes me feel I can get through these challenging times, by surrounding myself with an environment that will help me make the right choices in the present and in the future.  I have noticed this has been happening to a lot of my friends, acquaintances, et cetera, who are returning to things that give them comfort, safety and joy during these unpredictable times.  The slow food movement, the return of the big band sound, the return of ballroom dancing, the return of jazz and blues, et cetera, and especially the attention of young adults keeping these areas alive for newer generations to appreciate.  My final summation is that in order to make any changes for the future, we must return back to square one.  Square one are those decisions and thoughts that make us truly happy, truly thrill us, truly give us goose bumps, and truly provide us with the energy and determination everyday to complete what we began, until we reach success at the end of the rainbow and receive our pot-of-gold.


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