“Sun with the Moon and the Ascendant is Reflected in Our Signatures?”

One of the wonderful benefits one receives in studying and practicing Astrology is that one realizes that no matter how one sees their personal God; it is proven every time we work with the chart.  Everything in the Universe is related and works with each other to keep this crazy wonderful world going.  This is confirmed by checking and studying the other predictive occult arts like palmistry, tarot cards, runes, I Ching, etcetera and graphology, and how each of the different systems is connected and works with one another.  As a child I noticed that when learning how to print or write the alphabet that we needed to conform to a certain style, if we were to get good grades and continue on to the next level.  As we progressed, and we became more individualistic, the bulk of our writing may have varied from individual to individual, but what stood out, is how we signed our names.  Our signature was the only place where we did not need to conform to rules, and we were able to express and show to others who we really are.  As we grew older our signature defined who we were and where we were going.  I noticed in my own signature from the age of twelve that it hasn’t change much in slant and form, except that it has matured in style, but the basic form is still there.

As an astrologer I wondered how our signature could relate to our natal chart, and if I could show that the two systems of revealing the personality of the individual were compatible and actually supported and confirmed each other.  Thinking about this I came up with a theory and I would like to say that this is only my thoughts, not to be taken as a rule that ends all other rules.  I came to the conclusion that our first name, or the name we wish to be called by would be represented by the Sun, which is the essence of the individual.  The last name would be assigned to the Moon which indicated our family roots and our style of living.  Our middle name and the senior or junior following our last name was represented by the ascendant that allowed others to see the part of us we wanted them to see.

How would one work this system?  By using my own chart with the Sun in Taurus in a fixed sign and the ruler Venus in the tenth house conjunct the Moon in Gemini in a mutable sign with its’ ruler mercury in the ninth house.  The ascendant in Virgo in a mutable sign with the ruler Mercury again.  I have been told by an expert graphologist that from my signature that I would appear to be extroverted and am meticulous in my thinking and enjoyed beautiful things and thoughts and was liberal and open in my thinking.  All of this from the fact that the first letter to my name was gracefully slanted forward with rounded loops and the rest of the name slanted vertical with a slanted upward motion finishing off my first and last name.  This definitely gives a first clue to anyone who would delineate my chart.

I consider this important, because by seeing a client’s signature, one can get a quick picture of what the person is really like and confirms the details by delineating the full chart of the person.  Handwriting is like body language, it gives us a clue to what is happening at the time.  When a person changes their first name or how they write it, it will determine an important time in their life that will show up in either the solar or lunar charts.  Also when one see an important change in a person’s solar and lunar return concerning their personal direction, make sure to take note when the change in their signature begins to occur, and see if it doesn’t coincide with the aspects in the chart.  Remember your signature is who and what you want to be to the world. 


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  1. Posted by Ina on May 28, 2010 at 5:59 pm

    Hello, have you seen Darrelyn Gunzburg work on this subject?
    Charts and Handwriting
    Astro Graphology

    Take a look on her website, you may find it interesting.


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