“Saturn Opposition Uranus and Jupiter ▬ is Wisdom and Discernment in Action”


With Saturn in opposition to Uranus and Jupiter, square Pluto, the notion that we still need to change as a global society is still in the stars.  As the world has gotten smaller, and news from one area of the globe can be sent in seconds to another part of the world, keeping secrets are a thing of the past.  Not being aware of what is happening in other parts of the globe is unheard of, in this day and age.  No matter how much regulation is used to stop information from leaking out, there is always a way to find that information one is looking for.  As the technology of communication devises continues to advance, our ability to gather information and to distribute it will be that much quicker and greater.  With places similar to Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and all the blogs, there is no shortage of information and news.  The problem I see is how much are facts, and what is considered hearsay, and how to have the wisdom to tell the difference before repeating or accepting any information one has acquired.

Many astrologers, including myself see this aspect with Saturn as a global need to change the way we have been doing business and our treatment of the earth and its’ environment.  I began to wonder how we can implement this change personally. And does the aspect take on a more personal and urgent pace to be completed?  The momentum of change must be first instigated by us, individually, if we hope that others will follow suit.  It appears our leaders are continually going about their business as they have been, so how do they expect things to be any different then what they have always been?  This financial downturn has shown each of us that we have spent more then we have, and we need to change our thinking and our actions.  Now is the time, not to try to have more, but to begin to put to good use what we already have.

Seeing the aspects in this new light I began to see Jupiter and Uranus in Pisces as commanding us to become more selective, and with more discernment in all the information we are collecting through the internet.  I noticed in my own life that the more information I get off the net, the more I want.  I have also noticed that as the high tech gadgets become more innovative, the more everyone wants them, even if they are not useful or needed in their lives.  This inability to select that which we really need at the moment, and discard the rest has become our Achilles’ heel.  Having too much information is as bad as not having enough information on any subject matter.  Unless the information we have collected can be put to good use, it can be a handicap in hindering us from moving forward and getting in the way from discovering the right solution.  As we can clutter our homes, we can clutter our minds with useless information that gets in the way in allowing us to find the right solutions to our problems.

It has been shown scientifically that useless, nonfactual and stressful information can not only hinder our decision making, but can formulate the mind to come to illogical conclusions which will hinder accomplishing that which we wish.  As these aspects affect us as a whole, and if we do not wish to follow the masses down the road to stress, trials and tribulations, we need to break away from the pack.  The way to do this is to be selective to all incoming information, making sure it is in the positive and of a constructive nature.  Then we must quiet our minds and emotions and try to discern what the right information we need to accomplish that which we are working towards.  At the same time during our quiet moments, we need to ponder that our wishes and goals are attuned with the Infinite Universe.  Although we may think we know what is right and good for us, the Universe sees the greater picture and in its’ wisdom allows us the freedom of choice.  To sum up, the aspects are telling us that the future is in our hands, and that we need to use wisdom and our ability to be selective to insure a brighter future in the upcoming difficult times.  This action allows the energies of Saturn, Uranus, Jupiter, and Pluto to work with and for us, instead of working against us.


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  1. Posted by Rosario on May 3, 2010 at 3:36 am

    Nothing to add. Just perfect. Tks! 🙂


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