“Solar Return Relocation, is it a Promise for a Better Outcome?”

As I begin another article on a subject very dear to my heart I came to the realization that I am about to celebrate my one year anniversary in writing this blog which started on April 25th 2009, and I began to wonder what I thought about it, and were my expectations met?  In thinking about it I remember how nervous and unsure I was, attempting a project to set up a blog with the limited computer knowledge and skills I had under my belt.  I felt I had the comprehension and the intelligence for astrology and the different occult arts, but I never felt my self to be intellectual in my explanations in these areas.  Reading the other astrology blogs, I saw that my thoughts were just that, my thoughts.  I was not expressing a dogma from any specific school of astrology, but a combination of all different areas and types of astrology that worked for me, and I was sharing those ideas as thoughts and not as dogmas.  There were times when I felt like Julie of the movie “Julie and Julia”, is there anyone out there.  I came to the conclusion that writing this blog has been a great value to me because it helps categorize my thoughts, and made them clearer to me.  It also showed me that by being open to all forms of the new and old astrology, that it created in me a thirst to know more and that learning is continuous and never ending.  What a joy is in that thought, that every moment and everyday is a new adventure.  I realized also that my thoughts on any idea may change and that I am open to new ideas and that was okay.  For a person with Sun in Taurus, that was a big accomplishment from my normal fixed ideas.

This brings up the continuing debate with the relocation of a person on his birthday to bring about a better solar return for the year, and whether this really works.  In this modern world many people have relocated their place of residence, different from their place of birth, and I have always erected the chart for where the individual was residing.  As I follow Morin for this rule, I realized that in his day, moving about was more difficult and complicated then it is today.  There is a famous astrologer Mr. Ciro Discepolo in Europe, who is a great advocate of sending his rich and famous clients to a better location for a better outcome for the coming year.  I would think this is great if one could afford a couple days in an exotic location, but I always wondered if that really worked.  I think about actors who are away from their residence for shooting on location, would one take that location which might forebode a bad year?  Or how about politicians who are always on the go, should one use the place he was at during his birthday?  I think not, since the choice was not the individual or his or her astrologer.  Yet I always thought there must be something to relocation, otherwise the clientele of Mr. Discepolo would no longer use him, so there must be something happening in the right way.

Another astrologer whom I admire is Christopher Warnock of Renaissance Astrology who also had a problem with relocation of the solar Return, until he considered the relocation like an astrological magical ritual or talisman to change the outcome for the year.  We know the mind is powerful and how we direct our thoughts will create that which we wish for.  Considering it this way, I can see the benefits and the reason for telling a client to relocate a couple days during his or her birthday to avoid certain problems, if one understands it as a magical ritual.  Although this made sense to me, I began to wonder if the Universe has placed these difficulties in our way so we can learn and grow, or are we adding to the problem by delaying what is inevitable?  And by delaying our experience in the difficulties, are we compounding the situation for a later date, and make it more complicated to deal with? 

Meditating on this, I realized why I love Solar Returns in the first place, that it gave me an indication of what the year would be like, and what I needed to deal with.  As I have always constantly mentioned, being forewarned is being forearmed, and what could be better to equip us in deciding how to navigate through the complexities of the situation.  For me any kind of astrological magical ritual, which would include mental magic, will begin to create the future one wants.  That is one of the reasons I feel that by meditating on the New and Full Moon, one is entering an astrological magical ritual which is like wearing a talisman for good luck, creating the world we want to live in.  So whether one decides to make changes in the way one is doing things, or one decides to relocate on one’s birthday to create a better solar return chart, it is up to you.  It is up to each individual to make that choice, because although life appears to be destined, the Universe in all its’ wisdom has given us free will.


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