“A Different Perspective to the Modality of the Planets as I see It!”

In delineating a chart, one of the first steps after setting up the chart is seeing what sign the Sun, Moon and the Ascendant are in, in order to give a general overview of the individual in question.  The next step would be seeing what the elements and the modalities of planets are, to provide a more precise general view of how the individual will react and how quickly.  Most everyone is aware of the four elements which is fire, earth, air and water.  The modality of the planets are less emphasized and generally less well known or used by the general public, although it is an important tool for the astrologer.

The Cardinal signs include Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn, and planets located in the first, third, seventh, and tenth house are considered energetic, dynamic, proactive and responsive to any situation in life.  The Fixed signs include Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius, and planets in the second. Fifth, eighth, and the eleventh house are considered persistent, persevering, stubborn, and stable with resistance to change.  The Mutable signs include Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces, and planets in the third, sixth, ninth, and twelfth house are considered flexible, changeable adaptable, versatile, suggestive and possibility of being scattered.  They are good at multitasking, but with too many mutable planets indicate nervousness and the inability to finish any one thing.

These are very good keywords and may give one a quick overview of the individual, but I found that I needed other keywords to help me give a more diverse and colorful delineation to the individual and the way he reacts to his surroundings.  I have my Sun in Taurus and five planets in Gemini and the interpretation for the fixed and mutable seem too cut and dry.  I realized that the colors of my life ranges from white to shades of grey and then to black, and I needed the words to describe these colors.  It came to my thoughts that I needed an Over Lord to give more meaning to the modalities.

I chose the planet Mars to be the Over Lord to the Cardinal planets with its’ fiery energy to get things started and the keyword is “to anticipate and to create”.   As Cardinal planets get things done and completed, it is the anticipation of the results that creates other projects, which keeps the Cardinal planets on the go.  At first I thought Saturn should be the Over Lord of the fixed planets, but I realized it had to be Venus with the keyword as “to love and to appreciate”.  The Fixed planets appear to be stubborn and resistant to change, because they love what they are doing and who they are.  Mercury as the Over Lord of the Mutable planets is obvious and the keyword is “to improvise and to combine”.  The ability to accept and see all possibilities, and the ability to improvise and combine, to come to a final outcome, is invaluable.

I found by combining the meanings of the Over Lords and the keywords with the Planets in their elements and modality, a clearer and a more diverse picture of the individual emerges from the chart.  I hope this will give you some subtle clarity that was not so obvious before.


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