“Jupiter and Saturn, the Planets of Hope and Opportunity in Times of Hardships”

As we follow the yellow brink road down the financial downturn, we don’t seem to see any evidence that Emerald City, is in sight or even close.  At my work place, the work load for each individual has double; that by the time I get home my energy to start a new article has evaporated.  Seeing this happen I decided I must reassess my reasons for starting this blog in the first place.  As I search other astrology blogs and review their articles and see what a fine job they are doing, I realized my style and viewpoint is a bit different, and that I try to end each of my articles with an upbeat note.  One of my first teachers taught, that for all the difficulties the Universe may have placed in your natal chart, the Universe with all its’ compassion will give you an aspect to offset and set alright, what is in store for you.  The aspect may not change your destiny, but will help you to cope with your destiny better.  This is a very important point for me, in that how we see and believe in an aspect can change how it will work in our lives.  It is not the planets that affect us, but how we see the planets, that affect us in our daily lives.  I believe the mind is that powerful!

While I have been studying astrology, I have also studied Christian Science, New Thought, metaphysical thinking, as well as the esoteric arts and sciences, which has given me my particular thinking pattern.  So with every benefic or malefic aspect, I see it as an opportunity and so I hope to get to the next point in our learning experience in this life.  The difficulties help us to get through the illusions and on to the next step and to realize the power to create the world we want is within the aspect.  The aspect of the planet is given with the compassion of the Universe or God, to help us through the hurdles in this life.  This made me think what planet or planets help us to see this hope and opportunity in our charts.   Jupiter and Saturn the gods of the ancient world does the trick for me, but not alone and separate, but as twins (as in the sign of Gemini) working in harmony to bring about the world we wish to create.  Saturn gives us structure, organization, consistency, security, stamina, steadfastness, limitations and boundaries.  The power of Saturn to help the individual to be true to it self, and to have the perseverance, endurance, conscientiousness, patience, wisdom, dependability, and consistency helps one to solve difficult situations and tribulations.  Jupiter represents trust, belief, growth, thriving, good fortune, prosperity, and the broadening of one’s horizons.  A developed sense of wisdom, hope, morality, understanding, truth, principles, and values which would represent what the individual stands for. 

Seeing how Jupiter and Saturn is situated in our charts, will give us the clues we need to help, nudge and move them along to give us the inspiration and imagination to deal with life’s problems, stresses and tribulations.  As we enter further into 2010 and as the predictions of doom and gloom are in the air, just remember that there is light at the end of the tunnel, but we must look for it.  And that our guides Jupiter and Saturn can shed light to give us hope and encouragement and lead us to the aspect in our chart that will be the pivoting turning point in our life.  My whole reason for writing this particular article was during my visits to the other astrological sites, I came across a well written and documented article on the problems caused by a grand T-square with asteroids in August.  My problem with said article is that it gave no indication what we could do to minimize the damage in our lives.  This convinced me to continue my blog, because I don’t believe we are predestined and need to suffer unnecessarily and that using astrology wisely; one can minimize the stresses to one’s being.


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