“Full Moon on Feb 28th 2010 in 10th Degree Virgo is to Serve Your Higher Intuition”

In this very busy and high tech world we live in, when we approach each New and Full Moon period, it gives us the opportunity to meditate and contemplate where we have been and where we might go in the future.  With the Full Moon on February 28th 2010 in the 10th Degree of Virgo in opposition to the Sun conjunct Jupiter in the same sign of Pisces with Venus and Uranus, it compels us to use our higher intuition to unveil the secrets to our future happiness and success.  It is telling us to take the first small step and to go and follow our hunches that will lead us to the next portal to work and to develop our intuition, which will then lead us to trust the higher intuition leading to divine revelations.  As the hard and difficult aspects between the major planets are still on the horizon, the Universe has blessed us with this gift of higher intuition to help guide us through the obstacles so we will reach our final goals during this period of time.

“The Sabian symbol for the Moon in 10 degrees of Virgo and for the Sun in 10 degrees of Pisces is taken from “The Sabian Symbols in Astrology by Marc Edmund Jones”, and what follows are my comments.

Virgo 10  Two heads looking out and beyond the shadows  This is a symbol of man’s transcendental powers of comprehension, emphasized here in his ability to reduce all knowledge to exact and efficient formulas.  His stereoscopic reason gives him an intellectual genius on the one hand and endows him with an exceptional mechanical sense in everyday or practical realms on the other.  The inner and outer facets of reality are merged in the effectiveness of his judgment.  The keyword is intelligence.  When positive, the degree is a superb capacity for seeing both sides in every issue and so bringing all the various phases of human enterprise to some unity of common purpose, and when negative, hopeless fragmentation of self within itself.

Pisces 10  An aviator in the clouds  This is a symbol of man’s transcendental powers of comprehension, emphasized here in his exploratory genius and his gift for creating the endless hypotheses he needs for solving the problems of a modern world.  He is able to take a perspective superior to any involvement or pattern of limitation, and to examine any special complex of human affairs with a consistent thoroughness of over-view.  The inner and outer realms of reality are brought to a point of effective revelation of each other.  The keyword is observation.  When positive, the degree is special competence in whole judgment and long-range planning, and when negative, insensate otherworldliness or irresponsible isolationism.

The American Heritage dictionary for the meaning of transcendental is as follows: “Concerned with the a priori or intuitive basis of knowledge as independent of experience”.  The Sabian symbols are emphasizing and reinforcing the aspects of Venus and Uranus in Pisces to develop our intuition to solve our problems.  After developing and using our higher intuition, the keywords in successfully finishing a project are intelligence, observation and awareness.  Awareness and intuition goes hand in hand in solving any situation in life.  With this in mind we need to use this Full Moon’s energy to guide us in the use our intuition, and to give it the respect and honor it deserves.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Michelle on February 15, 2010 at 8:21 pm

    This Full Moon will be right on my Asc-Desc axis at 10 degrees 55′ Virgo/Pisces.


  2. good good…this post deserves nothing 😦 …hahaha just joking 😛 …nice post 😛


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