“Pluto Situated Close to an Angle Is Intense and Will Reinvent Itself”

The Mountain Astrologer magazine issue #149 Feb/Mar 2010 had an excellent article on Pluto by Lawrence Grecco delineating the chart of RuPaul Andre Charles.  I found the article stimulating not because of the celebrity, but because the planet Pluto is so close to the fourth house angle, and his delineation of how RuPaul used the Pluto energy to reinvent himself and stay in the limelight of success.  I was really interested, by coincidence almost at the same moment in time I came across four charts with Pluto, each conjunct the four cardinal angles of the chart.  About two weeks before I received my issue of the magazine I gave a reading to a young client with Pluto conjunct the ascendant, and what an eye opener it was, letting me see and experience all the energy and characteristics of the planet being expressed by the individual.  As I was reading, digesting and analyzing the article, I began to wonder if Pluto wasn’t so close to the cusp, would RuPaul’s life had been as dramatic and colorful as he is?  Would the energy had be as intense and transforming, and the career as successful?  I think the aspect would have still given him the success he deserved, but the intensity and transformation would have been less dramatic.

I have noticed from the many natal charts I have studied that planets on the angles tend to have an influence on the characteristic and traits of the person.  Some planets like Pluto are more persuasive and with the high energy and determination are inclined to color the other planets, especially the ascendant and how others perceive the persona.  With Pluto on the ascendant the individual is highly charged and is in a state of constant change and revision, and is capable of multitasking and often appears to be overcharged and over energized.  Pluto near the fourth cusp, the transformation and action is in the form of their environment and their perception of their image and security.  The intensity of their actions is felt by those close to the individual, rather than being noticed by the general public.  The vision and reinvention we give to Pluto on the cusp of the seventh house is how others appear and react to us, is ever changing and the associations dynamic.  The relationships may appear eclectic and unusual and radical to the norm.  In the tenth cusp the success we have is always reinventing and surprising others in how innovative Pluto can be and how we achieve our goals are never mundane.  The only thing we can be sure of, with Pluto on the angle is there can never be a dull moment and the energy and intensity is long lasting.  With all aspects such as this one, it has its’ benefic and malefic effects on the individual, depending how the person works with these forces.


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  1. Posted by Niyati on February 5, 2010 at 11:36 am

    how very true! Innovative and reinventing oneself. Sometimes its not that easy to do but I with my Pluto 20 minutes from an exact conjunction with my virgo MC, am no stranger to change. After all as Heraclitis says ‘change is the only permanence, you cant step in the same river twice’. For me this is the truth if my life, how others see me, Pluto is all on view out there for everyone to see and I need to be a role model for others, LOL. In order to work with the energy it is essential to go with the flow and to live with acceptance, this is the only way to deal with Pluto.
    Well this is my life and BTW my children also have Pluto on angles, one on the DSC and the other on the IC. These themes run through heredity. thanks for another interesting post.


  2. My nephew, who is only 2, has Pluto tightly conjunct his Ascendant in Sagittarius. I’m excited to see how the aspect manifests. So far he’s succeeded in being absolutely adorable.


  3. Posted by jjasonham on February 5, 2010 at 5:48 pm

    @ Niyati
    That’s interesting about the heredity. I have Pluto 56 mins from my IC and my sister has it 3 mins from her DC. I don’t know my parents’ exact birth times, although the time my grandmother gave for my father gives him a Moon-Pluto conjunction under a degree.


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