“Martha Coakley’s Harmonic Age Chart for Jan 19th 2010 – Interesting!”

Although I am interested in politics as the next guy, I am usually more concerned with the local happenings that are affecting the state I live in, but the last two to three weeks the commotion about Martha Coakley has caught my attention.  Three of the astrology egroups I am in, have been buzzing about how close the election has become and their interpretations were hedging on the fence like the political experts that were involved.  Although most of the astrology experts expected Brown to win, they weren’t going to give up on Coakley, as it appeared too close to call as far as the stars were concerned.  My favorite method for forecasting is solar and lunar returns, and as I read the different discussions on the matter I realized that the return may be expressing what might be the general all over situation for the month, but would not exactly state what might happen on Election Day.

As I thought over all that was said, I realized using their train of thought, I too would be hedging, but leaning towards Brown.  Then I started to remind myself of the astrologer Dymock Brose, who is an expert on Harmonic Age Interpretation who forecasted the elections of several foreign politicians correctly, that were too close to call.  I am still trying to master the method of Harmonic Age interpretation, but I thought I would set up a chart for each candidate and see what would turn up.  I was amazed that the winner jumped off the page, and I think this was because this event was really major in both candidates’ lives.  I have been experimenting with this type of interpretation in the last year and half as the financial downturn fell upon us with fellow coworkers that were transferred and those who have lost their jobs.  For each coworker, the day in question when the decisions were implemented, the aspects were within sixty seconds in the same minute.  This I found very interesting and I realized whether it was a benefic or malefic aspect it had to be within the minute to make a difference.

At first I could not find the birth data for Brown, so I set up Martha Coakley’s Harmonic chart for January 19th 2010 for 5:00 p.m. Pacific Standard Time.  Mars in the twelfth House was square Mercury in the ninth house, and Jupiter in the sixth house was square Saturn in the third house and at the same time was sextile the Moon in the fourth house.  The two malefic aspects were closer then the one benefic for which I concluded that Brown would be the winner.  The aspects seem to tell me that the candidate was not able to communicate her position to her constituents, and she did not understand the needs of the people she was to represent and did not have the ability to organize an affective political organization or campaign. 

I still was not happy with the results because I was not comparing the two candidates’ charts together which would make me happier if I was to make a prediction of who would win.  Finally I ran across a post that compared the two candidates’ sunrise chart, since the birth time was not known, which I thought would be a good idea to test the Harmonic Charts and if it could predict a definite outcome.  To my surprise, it did show Brown the definite winner.  In Browns’ chart Pluto on the ascendant trine Mercury indicates his ability to reinvent himself and his ability to organize a following.  In Coakley’s chart the Sun sextile the North Node which I have seen in other charts that doesn’t seem to do or say as much.  At the same time the Sun is square to Jupiter which might indicate her inability to see her short comings and to accept the results of her previous actions.  The results of these two charts, only confirms my interest in the study of the Harmonic Age chart as another tool for prediction.

2 responses to this post.

  1. pl tell me how to calculate age harmonic chart.
    i have astrolog software


    • Hi
      I have been told by everyone to use my solar fire software, which I have always done in calculating any age harmonic chart. Since you said you have the software, you should check your manual to see if your software is equipped with this calculator. I could not see myself trying to calculate any harmonic chart by hand, it might drive me crazy. If you prefer to do it by hand, I am sure if you google the question, you will find many sources. Thanks for your visit.


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