“An Astrological Consultation; Predestined or informed?”

As I was explaining to a coworker that I use astrology to guide me in my choices in life, the expression on his face was that of fright and Horror.  I realized from our chat that he felt he didn’t want to know the future, and that he would rather experience it as it happens.  His thoughts on astrology only confirmed that his life was destined and that he had no choice in the matter, any way.  This made an impression on me, as I have always felt that I do have choices in the direction my life is taking.  Yes it is true, there are things I can’t change, but how I experience and direct what is given to me, is still my choice.  I think that I would rather know what might be in my future, whether good or bad; then be in the dark.  So at least, I can make the decision of what I want to keep and what I want to discard in my life.  Thinking about this, I wonder what I would say to a potential client on how to prepare for an astrological reading and what mental attitude that would be needed to get the most benefit from the session.  My first thought was to remind the person that although astrology may indicate what might happen, the choice still remains with the individual.  One of my main concerns in reading some one’s chart is that I am only giving an indication of what is on the horizon, but that the individual still needs to be responsible and make his own choices, and not depend on some one else to do his thinking.

Checking my own chart, I realized that I needed to be honest with myself, to what I really wanted to know and how I would accept information, which went against what I hoped for.  I knew what I wanted depended on what I was willing to hear, and that, I heard only what I wanted to hear and know.  This made me feel, if we are to receive any benefit from foreknowledge of the future, we must be honest with our selves and in the right attitude to use this information that would benefit us.  I also needed to be responsible for my decisions and choices and to comprehend what is being said.  I have noticed in my work that people are only hearing what they want to hear.  Most of the time people aren’t listening to your response, but thinking of what they are going to say to you next.  If one is going to have real communication one needs to really listen to all that is being said and the need to comprehend the meaning of it.  The problem in reading one’s own or another person’s chart is honesty of what we really need to learn to know about the future.  Looking at one’s own chart, one needs to look at it with an objective eye and allow the chart to unveil its’ story.

So going back to what one needs to tell a prospective client, is to decide what one is really seeking to accomplish and come up with the questions prevalent to that search.  Not to confuse the session with unrelated questions to the main intention, but to see which one of our talents and assets would achieve the desire end.  If the reading is just to see what the major issues that are forthcoming are, try to be open minded, even if it sounds totally unbelievable.  Many times the answer may be negative, but instead of accepting a no, understanding why it should not be in our future will be a positive step for us to be able to change our direction and thinking.  Time and time again the answer of what we really need is in the chart, if only we would be honest to ourselves that we may not know what is right for us.  The chart does not predestine our lifestyle, but allows us to make choices.  Being informed of the future allows us to create our own world as we see fit by allowing ourselves to accept or change what might be in store for us in the future.  We must remember that although something is promised in a chart, the individual still must work for it, to achieve the end results.  For example the chart may show an individual is talented in acting and would achieve some acclaim, but the individual still must put the effort in and pay his dues to receive his rewards.  The final analysis of an astrological consultation is to be forewarned, hence one is forearmed, and what a better way to enter into living our life to the fullest.


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  1. Posted by virgo on January 18, 2010 at 3:18 pm

    hi, i have been reading your blog via astrodispatch.com
    and was wondering if you do personal consultations?
    if so, do you have a contact page?


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