“Unfinished Destiny May Haunt You, Until You Pay Attention?”

Growing up with a mother from China who brought with her all old ways from her homeland as well as an astrology reading in hand which gave an indication of what her life in America would be like.  She knew from her ancient Chinese Astrologer how many children she will have and their individual characteristics.  She knew it would be difficult in this new land, but used every talismans and charms to bring better luck to the family and to avoid harm, frustrations and delays.  With this as my background, it is no wonder I take to western astrology with the intense interest I have.  Fortunately for me, growing up in the states allows me to mix and combine my Chinese and Western legends and myths into one that would fulfill my needs and wants.  Although I haven’t yet combined Chinese Astrology to my Western Astrology, I have begun to unite traditional and modern astrology with all the different methods being used and practiced in today’s lifestyle.

When I was in my early twenties I went to live in New York City to study design, and not having much money decided to roam the streets, stores, and alley ways to study the designs all over this great city.  From the buildings’ architecture to the designs in the stores and alleys, the city is bountiful with ideas for design.  One day I happen on to this side door that led to an astrology book store on the second floor.  One had to ring the bell and announce who one was, and with my imagination I expected to see a witch or warlock with a broomstick leaning over a cauldron.  The staircase appears to be old and noisy like one would find in the old scary movies, and when I reached the landing, I again had to ring the bell.  A short gentleman with dark glasses asked what I had wanted and in a timid voice, I said I was interested in astrology and would be interested in an astrological consultation, if it was in my price range.  The store was immaculate and the books were all neatly stacked in the book cases, and it was like a candy store, each book was more interesting then the next.  I decided I would like to have an astrology reading, and I immediately set up an appointment.

Unfortunately for me I was not ready for this, as I was not prepared to ask questions, or to understand what was being told to me.  As I was studying design, my concern was more in this area and to the immediate future.  What he explained to me was more about my purpose in this life time and my need to study astrology and to combine it with my spiritual studies.  This of course made no sense to me at that point in time, and I now regret I did not pay more attention and take notes.  The astrologer was Mr. Zoltan Mason who was an advocate of the astrology system by Jean-Baptiste Morin.  As my studies in astrology became more important to me, I again came across books written by Morin and translated into English.  Having completed the cycle and circle, I regret not taking up the study of Morin’s astrological method sooner by one his strong advocates here in the states.  What was really strange was at one point in my study of solar returns; I came across a book by Volquine which follows Morin’s method, which is now out of print.  When it is your destiny to accomplish something, the Universe will not give up until you listen and work with it.  Each day I thank my lucky stars to be reintroduced to Morin and the traditional astrology system.

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  1. Posted by Ana on January 18, 2010 at 1:41 am

    *…When it is your destiny to accomplish something, the Universe will not give up until you listen and work with it.*


    Great post. thank you. 🙂


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