“Revisiting Mercury Retrograde is Anticipating the Cycles of Life”

As we begin each new cycle of Mercury Retrograde I realized that I have begun to learn to live with it, and to understand how to use it for my benefit.  I have learnt in my own experience that because of what I have been taught by my astrological teachers and the books I have studied, that the aspect brought ominous problems and delays to our daily life until it went direct.  The first few years were full of anticipation and worry, and then joy when it was over with.  Through the years I learnt to accept and go through the little annoyances of everything electronic going berserk, always wondering what new problems would attack the car, people not understanding what I was trying to communicate, or would I be delayed if I was traveling?  As of late, I began to wonder whether my anticipation brought on what I dreaded, or did the every day annoyances become over blown because of the Retrograde.  I noticed that during this period that when the computer went haywire I got all upset, but during the other times I accepted it as normal occurrences.  Then I began to take more notice of what actually was happening, and whether I was over reacting and causing more agitation, by my reaction to the situation, then what was actually going on in my life.  I am not saying things don’t happen during Mercury Retrograde that are not a little spooky, but I am saying how we react to it , is not our normal reaction in normal times.

I also began to sense that the retrograde period gave us time to live each moment and the ability to allow our thinking and imagination to go wild.  As I have said before I have felt the retrograde of the planets allow us to see the good and the bad as a whole without judgment, like the symbol of the yin and the yang.  Mercury stands for the mind, intellect, communication, travel and the ability for analytical and logical thought between the conscious, unconscious and subconscious minds.  It is during this time I think we can allow our soul, spirit and mind to go rampant in order for us see new vistas and solutions to our problems and situations.  This is a period we tend to be more cautious of and attentive to our decisions and communications, so seeing new ways and ideas through a concerned eye is important.  How we go through our pain and suffering determines our spiritual growth.  As long as we understand that each problem that we have solved creates another to be tackled, and that if we can anticipate with joy and enthusiasm to the next obstacle, then is our spiritual growth guaranteed.  I have noticed that if I take each new problem like a grain of salt, the problem tends to get quickly solved.  With each new problem, our confidence and ease in solving the problem is assured.  Considering Mercury Retrograde like life itself, as a repeating cycle for growth, is important, if we are to make use of it in our lives.  Realizing all things has its birth and death and its rebirth, gives us an import clue in the retrograde period to allow some things to be let go of, or be transformed to something else.  When we acknowledge the retrograde period as a cycle of life, our fear and anxiety will be replace with anticipation for future growth.


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